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Nick Kristof: Getting beyond political parties...

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Editor's Note:  This note was first sent in July 2011 and it was updated on March 22, 2012 and sent again through Nick's NYT portal linked from the header below.

An open letter to Nick Kristof, New York Times (NYT)

Subject:  Op-Ed, Bonuses for Billionaires, July 25, 2011

For such a bold person (thinking especially of your work in Darfur) with such an extraordinary mind, with a huge vision for life and a passion for love,  that was one cheeky, simplistic op-ed, especially for a Rhodes Scholar with two Pulitzer awards and a law degree.

You know that both political parties are loaded with hacks and compromised souls.  Neither has an upper hand.

So why not use your bully pulpit to teach?  Ask a few questions. Stimulate new insights.

Given your roots inside John Harvard's book collection and Henry Dunster's creative and spirited leadership, I ask you these simple questions:

1. Legal structure:   What are the roots of the corporation? Why hasn't every school child in the USA learned this simple history?   Reference:

2. Physical structure:  What is the most simple three-dimensional structure in the physical universe?   Why don't we all have a quick answer?

3.  Interior structure:  What is perfectly enclosed within that structure? ...and within those structures therein?  Why is this important?  Is there continuity from the small-scale to the human-scale to the large scale? 

4.  Qualitative-quantitative structureWhat is the quantitative-qualitative divide?
How are values and ethics created and/or imputed?  


5.  Geological structureCan we reconnect the open lands?
Could we start a new, small-but-significant  economic revolution as a result?

This entire economic mess we are in is because of the profound lack of values within both parties.  If these people would spend as much time thinking of ways to stimulate the economy without spending a dollar, they just might get substantially creative.

With your bully pulpit, you can do the same.




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