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Last Update: Wednesday March 3, 2021

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Think Of Your Mind As A Mine

Washington, DC and around the world:  What drives people to challenge the status quo? go out into the unknown? try to create things that have never been seen before? Why do these people work so hard and stretch so far? Everybody talks about them, saying things like, "Crazy!" "They'll kill themselves."  "They're in a world of their own."  Yet, these daring people, driven by principles and dreams, are changing our world for the better.

We turned to scholar, Michael Novak, of the American Enterprise Institute for insights.  Novak would like to see this innovative spirit take root throughout the world. And, it is.

Through his prodigious research Novak realized there are very particular historic roots within the USA, unique orientations to universal belief within this Judeo-Christian culture, that gave rise to the rapid growth of the sciences and of democratic capitalism in this country. Nevertheless, Novak would like to see this innovative spirit take root throughout the world. Today, with the ubiquity of communications, small business formation is better understood and much of the global community is finding their own unique ways to stimulate small business start-ups and even capital formation. 

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Step 1: Dreaming

Cowgirl Enterprises with Donna Baase
Step 2: Starting

Step 3: Selling

Eric Rose Builders, Branford, Connecticut
Step 4: Growing

Glenn Walser, founder, Automated Foods
Step 5: Employing

Step 6: Scaling

Step 7: Sustaining

Opici Wines, Glen Rock, New Jersey
Step 8: Exiting

Every solution to a problem begins with a person with an idea

The second step  involves another person to help shape the idea. In business the third step focuses on creating a product (or service) and the processes to do it  consistently. The next five steps constantly improve on the first three.  With continuity (creating order) that idea can become a business. Continuity is surely the very first principle of life and business.  This television show began as an idea.  Then it became the longest-running weekly series about best business practices in the history of television. We all need to learn each others best practices.

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