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What drives you to create value and do what is right?

How do I attract and keep great people?

Seattle, Washington: In this episode of the show you meet Judi Jacobsen and her family at Madison Park Greetings. She started this business in 1977 with just $200.  Judi bought a vacant building, moved in, and by bringing the building back to life, the entire neighborhood improved.

This company produces greeting cards and sells them to consumers through over 5,000 gift shops. Also, they create private collections for retailers including Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus, and, they distribute the graphic products of other artists including Larkspur and Sara Schneidman.

We first met Judi in 1995 in Washington DC when she was being recognized as the Small Business Person of the Year from the State of Washington.  

Good to her word, Judi put a succession plan in place.  In 1995, son Brian and long-time employee Glen Biely took over the leadership of the business.  The good news is that the young men are growing a much bigger company and having plenty of fun. 

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Here, we are resolved to find the most ethical, most well-run, generous, small
businesses in the USA and then throughout the world in order to do the following

1.  Encourage good businesses to do
    business with good businesses
2. Help each other to grow
3. Do the best stories for television
4. Empower investment in this space,
5. Help diversify everyone's portfolio
6. Raise the transparency bar
7. Learn through Questions & Answers
8. Empower "life transcripts" online
9. Do deep support for solid growth
   •  Empower local-global productions
   •  Air on PBS, Fox, Voice of America...
   •  Open up simulcasts online
   •  Use extensive collaboration tools
   And so much more..

The basic business equation...

When it is based on creating real value, growth is invigorated and sustained. Here,  share best practices to refine the process to create something of value.   

Television about good people

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Entrepreneurs do not wait for somebody else to solve the problem.

They take it on.  They just do it. They are not afraid what others will think,
With deep  courage, a steeled heart, and a focused mind...

You are invited to be our guest.  That is all free.

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