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Video Companion for the book, Enterprise, by William Gartner

20 Video Cases

To Support Your Study  of Enterprise
by Prof. Dr. William B. Gartner

Alliance for Ethics, Enterprise, and Entrepreneurship
Arthur M. Spiro Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership

College of Business and Behavioral Science
Clemson University

Prof. Dr. William Gartner on these video case studies:

"I've been teaching entrepreneurship for over 25 years and I have seen for myself the power of Small Business School (SBS) and its case studies."

He said, "In fact, I find the SBS videos and materials so insightful that I require them as part of the new textbook materials that go with the book."

He knows that students learn a lot from entrepreneurs who take their ideas and transform them into successful businesses. 

He continued, "The more often students can see and hear from a variety of different entrepreneurs, the more likely these students can use their own imagination to create a business that will be uniquely successful for themselves."

We all know that the strength of the US economy is based on the innovation and adaptability of smaller and newer firms.

We welcome you to Small Business School and to some very special time with these exemplars of very dynamic businesses and manifestations of the American dream.

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About the Key Question in each chapter

There is a key question in each chapter.  Cursor over that question and you will discover that each is an active link.   These questions are listed below.   Each link takes you to other video clips that address that key question in a different way by other entrepreneurs.  Please be aware that when you follow these links, that you are leaving this landing page for Enterprise.

# Chapter.  Key Question

1.   How do I minimize my risk?

2.   How do I finance my start-up?

3.   How do I get started in business?

4.   Should I take a partner?

5.   How do I stay strong financially?

6.   What products could I make or sell?

7.   How do I survive the first year?

8.   How do I get my first job (contract or sale)?

9.   How do I make it through the hard times?

10. How do I attract attention?

11. How do I grow my business?

12. Why is your motivation for starting a business important?

13.   What is the difference between sales and marketing?

14.   How do I keep customers coming back?

15.  How do I finance the start-up?

16.  How do I know what to measure?

17.  How do I keep good employees?

18.  How do I increase profits?

19.  How does and owner keep employees happy?

20.  How do I build a great reputation?

For the students using the book, Enterprise

Chapter 1. Creating a Framework for Success with Wahoo's Fish Taco

9:49 | Play Now | The founders of Wahoo's love surfing and make food they want to eat.  They figured that  plenty of surfers, skateboarders and snowboarders would want to eat what they make, too.   Home...

Chapter 2. Enterprisers with On Target Supplies

12:35 | Play Now | Albert Black had no money but he was willing to work long hours.  Home...

Chapter 3. Enterprising Fundamentals with Theatrical Lighting

6:51 | Play Now | David Milly started in the lighting business when there was almost no equipment. As he said, entertainers would just walk in a room and put on a show using available light.  David is proof that you can grow your business by growing your industry.  Home...

Chapter 4. What is an Enterprise with Altoon + Porter

8:09 | Play Now | Starting and growing a business is not for the weak or the uninformed.  To prepare, Ron Altoon and his partner Jim Porter did their homework before they opened their architectural firmHome...

Chapter 5. Rules & Regs with Healthcare Resources Group

12:26 | Play Now | JoAnn Corn started a business to deliver nursing care to patients in their homesHome....

Chapter 6. Discovering Opportunities with S.C.R.U.B.S.

11:43 | Play Now | The founder, Sue Callaway,  jumped on an opportunity and unwittingly tested the market quickly.  She sewed whimsical printed fabric into hospital scrubs and soon was selling them to all of her friends.   Go back to the homepage for  Enterprise

Chapter 7. Feasibility with Sundance Catalog

9:14 | Play Now | Harry Rosenthal had proven himself in the catalog business and was hired by Robert Redford to launch his Sundance CatalogHome...

Chapter 8. Pathways to Enterprise Creation with Ziba Design

12:16 | Play Now | Founder Sohrab Vossoughi says that there is a solution to every problem. Home...

Chapter 9. Be Mission-Driven from Cowgirl Enterprises

11:18 | Play Now | Founder Donna Baase says her mission is, "To bring awareness about natural skin-care products to people through education and through the joy of using them."   Home...

Chapter 10. Purchasing a Business with Specialty Cheese

18:36 | Play Now | Paul and Vicki Scharfman determined before they bought an existing business that they had to change their product to avoid head-to-head competition with the big guys.   Home...

Chapter 11. Franchising with Takeout Taxi

8:41 | Play Now | The growth of a business depends upon the systems it can put in placeHome...

Chapter 12. The Enterprising Mind

9:20 | Play Now | Tom Pace started a business because he felt there were too many companies that didn't treat customers and employees with respectHome...

Chapter 13. Branding with Nicole Miller

8:47 | Play Now | Nicole Miller products are sold in its namesake shops, department stores and through special licensing agreement with other companiesHome...

Chapter 14. Engaging Your Customers with Del's Lemonade

11:01 | Play Now |When the weather turns warm in Rhode Island, its natives can't get enough Del's Lemonade.  Home...

Chapter 15. Finding Resources with Automated Food Services

10:08 | Play Now | Automating the production of corn dogs has turned this great tasting treat  on a stick into a popular meal.   Home...

Chapter 16. Financial Resources with Orange Tree Imports

10:19 | Play Now | Carol Schroeder always dreamed of having her own shop, and at the age of 21, she bought this building on Monroe Street and started selling furniture.   Home...

Chapter 17. Managing People with Rodgers Chevrolet

14:44 | Play Now | Gerald Mroz is the service manager at Rodgers Chevrolet and we learn that profits in a car dealership are driven by service.   Home...

Chapter 18. Managing the Enterprise with Fluker Farms

10:20 | Play Now | David Fluker has grown the business his father passed to him by adding new products and new markets. He uses the Internet, mail and the telephone to find new customers.   Home...

Chapter 19. Personal and Business Transition with Ping Golf

10:49 | Play Now | John Solheim and his father started a business because they believed they could help golfers play better and have more funHome...

Chapter 20. Creating the Social Enterprise with NAIT

16:57 | Play Now | Cheryl Womack had the courage to leave a bad boss and then she went on to build a multi-million dollar operation.    Home...

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