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Last Update: Saturday September 25, 2021

SBA Small Business Persons of the Year

    *  FIRST PRINCIPLES: Starting a business is as American as the flag and apple pie. Read a little more to see why incorporating a business keeps the passion of the American revolution alive!

    * EPISODES OF THE SHOWS ABOUT WINNERS: Over the years there are many small business owners who have become the Small Business person of the Year from their home state or territory.  A small sampling is linked at the bottom of this column.

    * LEARN HOW TO USE BUSINESS.GOV: This SBA site is tailored to help small business navigate through the federal waters. Also, learn the ins-and-outs the,,, and the SBDC.

    * CASES BY BUSINESS TYPE. Click on the heading to find all the business types and then click on your type of business to check out those case studies.

    * EIGHT STEPS:  We all go through many of the same problems and make the same mistakes. One of the purposes of this show is to have others mentor us and show us the way. Successful, generous people, the business owners who are profiled here have been selected by their conmmunities to tell their story.

      THE WINNERS: (in order of appearance)

      1. Mildred Council, Mama Dip, NC

      2. Belinda Guadarrama, QCMicro, CA

      3. Mary Jurmain, Realityworks, Wisconsin

      4. Thanh Lam, Ba-Le Bakery, Hawaii

      5. Paul Smith, PRS Guitars, Maryland
           Brenda Burkhartsmeier,
             Mountain Mudd, Montana

      6. Monica Morgan, Detroit    More...

      7. Hector Barreto, SBA Administrator,
             Ken Yancey, SCORE, Washington, DC


      8. Joe Dannis, Dawn Sign Press, California

Links directly to their stories:

SBA SBPY winners
Mildred Council, Belinda Guadarrama, President George Bush, Thanh Lam, Mary Jurmain, Hector Barreto, Millie

Cities & Towns in every State & Territory of the USA: Each year the Small Business Administration (SBA) recognizes one owner from each state for their creativity and tenancity and for creating jobs. The SBA is the only agency in the federal government chartered to help turn dreams into realities. And it could be argued, this agency is closest to the intent and the results of the American revolution, that is, to make it possible for businesses to grow.

Since 1963 the President of the United States has issued a proclamation calling for the celebration of Small Business Week. Small Business Persons of the Year have been recognized since 1978.

In this episode of the show you 'll meet many people, the Small Business Person of the Year winner. We meet people from Hawaii, California, Wisconsin, and North Carolina. You'll also hear from winners from Maryland and Montana. And then, we reintroduce friends from other episodes of the show since 1994. There are winners from Delaware, Guam, Maine, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Montana, South Dakota, Texas, Utah and Washington.

You'll spend some quality time with Hector Barreto and he'll describe many of the functions of the SBA. You'll also hear from Melanie Sabelhaus, the Deputy Administrator.

You'll meet Ken Yancey to learn about the Service Corps of Retired Executives, and a counselor to learn about the role of the 1500+ Small Business Development Centers. And finally, you'll meet the SBA's Jim Van Wert who will show how us where to go to follow-up on this show.

    * CONTACT:
      The Small Business Administration (SBA)
      409 3rd Street S.W.
      Washington, DC 20416
      T: 202-205-6700

    * JOIN, JOIN, JOIN : Your professional associations in your industry are your key to continuing education, market research, collaborations, strategic partnerships, capital and so much more ... often you'll find that you enjoy like-minded people and many will become friends for life.

      Become a member of your local station. If you are already, great. If not and your business is doing well, consider joining the Producers' Club ($1000).

Editorial Comment: So much of business is focused on one's own bottomline. That is a myopic view of business and life. We are all related and inter-related in ways  we truly do not discern. Our own business health requires the general good health of all businesses. We can tell you from knocking on doors, there are very few big business that really understand or care to help nurture the growth and development of small businesses. Some of these businesses have been our sponsors.  Notwithstanding, the day is coming when we all  truly realize that without small business even the big businesses would flounder.

The reason is quite simple -- within small business either you're innovating or you're dying.