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Time Zone #1, the International Date Line, first light of every day

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The Countries, their leaders & businesses

This listing is in its early stage of development. Your counsel will always be appreciated. - Bruce Camber

Fiji: Est. Population - 950,000 Est. Businesses - 50,000
» Head of Government: Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama
» Head of Tourism:
    South Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO)
» Chamber of Commerce: Humprey Chang
» Television stations:  Fiji Television, Fiji ONE
»  Producers: 
» SBS Research Team:

Kiribati: Est. Population - 132,000   Est. Businesses - 8000
» Head of Government:  Anote Tong
» Head of Tourism: Tarataake Teannaki
» Chamber of Commerce:  Tabokai Kiritome
» Communication, Transport & Tourism: Temate Kateintenang,
» Producers:
» SBS Research Team:

Marshall Islands: Est. Population - 70,000 
Est. Businesses - 4000
» Head of Government:  Jurelang Zedkaia
» Head of Tourism:  William H. Weza
   Dolores deBrum-Kattil,  General Manager,  MIVA,
   Marshall Islands Tourism Association
» Chamber of Commerce:  Jack Niedenthal
» Minister of Transportation & Communication:  Dennis Momotaro
» Producers:
» SBS Research Team:

Nauru: Est. Population - 10,000 Est. Businesses - 400
» Head of Government:  Marcus Stephen
» SBS Research Team:

New Zealand: Est. Population - 4,300,000 
   Est. Businesses - 30,000
» Head of Government: Sir Anand Satyanand
» Head of TourismGeorge Hickton
» Chamber of CommerceMichael Barnett
» Television stations:Triangle-TV, Stratos-TV
» Producers:
» SBS Research Team:

Russia: Kamchatka Krai
  Est. Population - 360,000   Est. Businesses - 12,000
» Head of Government:   Alexey Kuzmitsky
» Head of Tourism: Pilipenko Philip
» Chamber of Commerce: Alla V. Parkhomchuk
» SBS Research Team:

Tuvalu: Est. Population - 12,000 Est. Businesses - 500
» Head of Government:  Filoimea Telito

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There are widely varying statements about the nations within Time Zone #1.  There should be links to the Wikipedia information about each capital city and some of the nation's or region's resources .  The next step will be to aggregate information about populations and to get an estimated number of total businesses in each country based on population alone.   If you know of any very old business and/or outstanding businesses within these countries,  let us know.

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International Date Line

Time & place define so much of who we are.

This time zone has been known as "UTC+12". To be useful it required knowing Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) or Greenwich Mean Time and then adding 12 hours to it. That's confusing. We can quickly calculate if we know our own time zone and this one as Time Zone #1 or TZ #1 or TZ1.  It is on either side of 180° -- 172°30′W and 172°30'E -- longitude, yet it wanders widely.

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Some of the countries and key cities:

Russia:  Petropavlovsk- Kamchatsky
•  N 53° 10  E 158° 39  Kamchatka Krai
•  Take a tour.   Anthem
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Marshall Islands: Majuro
•   N  07° 04  E 171º 16
•  Take a tour
•  Listings of good businesses
•  Recommend a business you love!

Kiribati: South Tarawa
•  N 01°28  E 173º 20
•  Take a tour
•  Listings of good businesses
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•  S  0° 33  E 166º 55
•  Take a tour
•  Listings of good businesses
•  Recommend a business you love!

•  S  9° 31  E 179º 13
•  Take a tour
•  Listings of good businesses
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•  S  18°10  E 178°27
•  Take a tour
•  Listings of good businesses:
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New Zealand: Wellington & Auckland
•  S  41°17   E 174º 27
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•  Listings of good businesses:
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