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Last Update: Tuesday June 15, 2021

Unemployed? Under-employed? ...all these people were, too.

Learn from Mistakes

Thomas Keller's story is as much about failure as it is about success. He tells about falling in love with cooking as a young person and about making the grand leap to owning his own restaurant.  These perfect chocolates are the result of plenty of practice.

Learn from your past.  Thomas learned  from his first ventures that things are harder than they look. He learned that loving something doesn't mean you can make a profit at doing it and he learned that partners are difficult. Most of all, he learned that what you don't know will kill you and you better surround yourself with good people and good information.

We believe that working and learning are the same thing. If we're not learning something new we are destined to be stuck in the past while we watch competitors siphon away our customers.

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Consider if you should be one of the people who starts a business.

1.  Unemployed?  See how others got started.  Many of us were fired!

2.  Retired and bored?  Many of us were over 64 when we began.

3.  Do some  Reality Therapy. Ask for help.  

4.  If you are just now completing military service,  look at these folks.

You can do that Reality Check as our guest (free).  It was a $49 course to help people make the decision, "Do I dare start?"  So, first, register for free.  Then drop us a note that you registered and "I'd like to do the free Reality Check."  It is our simple gift to you.

"If I don't do this, my life will be incomplete."

Your idea may change the course of history. Be brave. Have courage. If you have an idea that is hounding you, that keeps you awake at night, that frequently comes up in your conversations, then what are you waiting for?  At the very end of every episode of the show, you hear Hattie say, "If I don't do this my life will be incomplete" And, that's a fact.

Start on Step 1, move to step 2 and keep moving up! All the people below were fired, laid off, or quit big business in tough times. They started their own business and were successful.

Step 1: Just the idea

Meet Glenn Walser of Automated Foods
Step 2: Business name

Lorraine Miller, founder, Cactus & Tropicals, Salt Lake City
Step 3: Very first sale

Meet Paul Scharfman of Specialty Cheese, Wisconsin
Step 4: On Your Own

Leonor Ferrer, founder, Ferrer Brokers, Otay Mesa, California
Step 5: Employer

XTO's Chairman, Bob Simpson
Step 6: Over $1M

Step 7: Break $10M

Meet Anne Beiler, founder, Auntie Anne's Pretzels
Step 8: Exit Strategy

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