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Authenticity - Transparency - Integrity - Morals - Ethics
To the inner circle of friends regarding 

Finance:  Get out of debt personally, nationally, and globally

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Working on Ideas to Change the World, the Nation, and Ourselves

We start with foundations of business;  these same first principles apply to life.

We need to encourage each other to solve problems in the world, in our nation and within our life by doing three things:  (1) create more order by studying both the continuities and discontinuities in our life, (2) build relations that have greater symmetries, and (3) produce dynamics that create greater harmony.

These processes within products and people are the basis for ethics, integrity, authenticity, morality, and ultimately transparency. There is nothing to hide.

So, what does it mean? How does it apply to the problems we face?

1. The ThesisCreate your future or somebody will do it for you.

Today,  too much of our future is being created by government.

We all necessarily work for our federal government.  In the USA most of us have to work at least the first 113 days of each year just to pay our tax burden.

Today, the federal government of the USA  is forcing all her citizens into a deeper bondage, a $12 trillion dollar debt which is equal to $40,000 for every man, woman in child in the USA.

How is it going to be repaid? How much of it will be wasted? greed? inefficiencies? non-productive projects?  It is anybody's guess.

2.  Antithesis: Make some wild and crazy proposals to change things.

Why not? We can help each other craft those proposals so they just might work. 

One simple question opened the way.  When the news broke about Bernie Madoff  on Saturday, December 13, 2008, the question was asked, "What is happening to us?"  Many people responded and a discussion ensued.  Now,  on the television show  we've been talking about implementing a collaborative, online process since 2002.  Today, we recommit to double our efforts to see that it becomes part of the functionality of this website.

The second such proposal was initiated on January 21, 2009, the day  after  the Inauguration of Barack Obama. The current working version of that letter is here.

Just behind each page will be everybody's edits, all listed and linked.  

We will build off of each page to consider other ideas to alleviate debt.  Every proposal will be an effort to turn back the clock on the amount of time we all have to spend to pay for the federal budget, our state's budget and even our community's budget.

And, we will also work on ways to help us all to eliminate our own personal debt.

This work area is to shape each proposal.  The latest version will be summarized as succinctly as possible in the third area of the site, the synthesis. 

3.  The Synthesis:  The results of collaborative efforts. 

The biggest, fastest savings for us all is honesty and integrity.  We will continue our examination to find ways to convince everybody that ethics and morality work best to restore confidence and hope for the future..

Ethics, Morality, Integrity, Transparency, Authenticity
•   Letter:  Madoff Madness as a global bellwether     Homepage
•   The excesses of corporate greed
•   The excesses of television, the media and a culture running amuck.

Micro-finance for the unemployed and under-employed
•   Proposal to President Barack Obama
•   Proposal to the Chambers of Commerce
•   Proposal to the National Trade Associations

Freeze hiring of all federal jobs to employ volunteers
•   Proposal to the Secretary of Labor:  Cut the federal budget with a volunteer replacements who work for one-to-two years of service to the nation. The effort is to decentralize government with the object to close and sell federal buildings for multi-income housing and offices.

What do you suggest?  What is your insight?  Wouldn't you agree that we really need to change the course and direction of the nation and even the planet?