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This has to be a tipping point. Where is our moral outrage?

Build Your Business As A Three-Legged Stool

Overview:  Hattie distills the eight-hour interview she did with Michael Novak into less than two minutes. Here she reminds us that the American brand of capitalism is based upon private ownership of property and businesses, the rule of law and the moral habits most of us learn in church.

How do I stay in business over the long haul?
A: Build a sturdy framework upon which you can depend.

Q: What are the three legs?

A: The rule of law, the private ownership of property and the moral habits of people.

Q: Why is the balancing act so daily? Why does everyone have to work so hard to keep our system in tack so we continue paving the path from poverty to prosperity for every American?

A: Ignorance is our biggest enemy. For example, if you don't obey the laws as a business owner, you could lose your business and the employees you have will be out of work. You can't pretend you don't know the rules. If you open your doors for business, it is your duty to educate yourself.

Success in business depends upon honesty. Every generation has to be taught this because our human nature causes us to try to do the easy and expeditious when prosperity depends upon us all doing the right thing, which is often the hardest thing. 

In the words of one of our favorite small business owners, Albert Black, we must, "teach, preach, coach and counsel" to preserve and improve our conditions. We can't rest. We can't expect other to do it. We are the sovereigns."  Editor's Note:  For more, go to each key idea.

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Saturday, December 13, 2008:  On Thursday the SEC arrested Bernard L. Madoff, once the chairman of NASDAQ, on a $50 billion  Ponzi scheme.  The news should stop us all. It's a tragedy.  Gregory Zuckerman  (pop-up window)  of the Wall Street Journal, reports.

Where is greed taking us?  Hucksterism. Media hype. The  two, intellectually connected at the head and emotionally at the hip, are bereft of any moral authority.   Dan Horowitz, Madoff's lawyer says, "He's a person of integrity." It rings as hollow as Blagojevich's claims of innocence.  We've all got to get a hold of ourselves.

To help, there are a few things to do here:

1.  Study the business habits of good people and good businesses. We've tried. That's the weekly show since 1994. Click on one of the photos below. Meet men and women with real stories about businesses with real values and vision for a better world. Every image goes to a video. Every video answers a key business question.

Hattie Bryant, host/producer, opens the show
Step 1: An idea, a dream

Step 2: Business name

Meet Barbara Granneman, Midwest School of Music, Indianapolis
Step 3: Very first sale

Step 4: On Your Own

AZ Tech, Huntsville, Alabama
Step 5: Employer

Meet Lupe Fraga, CEO of Tejas office, Houston
Step 6: Over $1M

Step 7: Breaking $10M

Ray Smilor, University of California, San Diego Rady School of Business
Step 8: Exit Strategies

Step1-8: All of us

2. Understand the basics of morality: This television show has a rather simple starting point that undergirds the vision which provides a foundation for integrity.

3.  Understand the foundations of democracy and capitalism.  We all have to teach the essentials of democracy and capitalism.  Our best, tightest offering here is an episode with Michael Novak.  You can watch this episode, key idea by key idea, right here.  If you would like the link to watch the episode end-to-end, send us a note.

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