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Last Update: Saturday September 25, 2021

Internet Basics: Space and time become derivative.

You have to have a business website.

World Wide Web: There are four basic reasons to build your business on the web. Whether you are just starting or you are growing, the web will be the backbone of business in more ways than any of us can imagine. As a new metaphor, it changes the way we think.

There are essentially four key points within this episode and several subpoints within each. Within the section on build your brand, there are just the basics. In a section about using your website to uncover leads, strategic ideas are discussed -- give people a reason to email you and/or enter their telephone number and key contact information. 

Every website can be, and should be, monetized. Every site can land sales and create instant customers. Every site should communicate the essentials of who you are, what you do, and how you do it. To be a customer, people need to like you, know you, and trust you. Eventually, the infrastructure of the web will be built into every business and we will all drive our business with e-business tools within an e-culture.

Even SoHos, Moms & Pops, and very small businesses can use the web effectively. In this episode of the show we learn how the playing field has been leveled. You can do what big businesses do.  Yet, as always, you'll  need to continue to be faster, smarter and better (and even more tenacious).

The world is our market. Go from a business to an e-business to an e-culture. What are you waiting for?

The world is our market. Go from an e-business to an e-culture. What are you waiting for?


Build Your Brand

3:46 | Play Now     Host Hattie Bryant talks about some very basic Internet rules.

Create Web Infrastructure For Growth

4:40 | Play Now Bill Tobin tells how he became one of the first to make money on the web.

Form Online Relationships

1:56 | Play Now Kathleen Barnes explains how being early to the web won her big accounts.

Give Visitors A Reason To Email You

3:27 | Play Now From his first web site, Greg Steckler offered web visitors a free booklet.

Establish An Email Strategy

1:36 | Play Now
Founder of Cowgirl Enterprises, Donna Baase, says she uses mail to drive web traffic.

Invite Customers to Create Content

2:34 | Play Now Joan Keller invites web visitors to tell their travel tales at

Think Big

2:30 | Play Now Michael McGilvray took his wife's company from $2 million to $63 million by applying big business computing knowledge to her already successful business.

Go Paperless

3:05 | Play Now David Arnold's King company had to go paperless or lose its big customers.  He held on to customers and profits shot up.

Run Your Business Online

1:37 | Play Now Dale Crownover's Texas Nameplate lets customers check order progress online.