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Last Update: Thursday July 29, 2021

What do I need to know to be successful?

"...have everyone track their numbers."

Portland (OR), Pasadena (CA) and Vernon (TX):  Keeping track of business... it is the job of everyone in a business and the best way for everyone to do it is to read, grasp and act on those monthly financial statements. If you share that information and give everyone bottom line accountability through the key ratios, your business will rally. You'll see the impact day by day (even hour by hour).

In this episode you meet three small business owners. Two have gotten control of their financials and one is working to do better.

Unfortunately, most owners do not work closely with their financial data and when they do, it is often too late. With all the features built into today's accounting software programs (be sure you have your latest upgrades), any owner should have the numbers they need to effectively run their business in one place at the push of a button.      More....

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The keys of a business:   products,   processes,   and people.   Most of us do not focus enough on the processes, a/k/a the systems and controls.

Turn Tradition Upside Down

4:14 | Play Now   The three brothers who founded Wahoo's agreed that the baby should be the CEO. Meet Mingo Lee who gets to tell his older siblings what to do.   More...

Invest In Technology And Training

3:36 | Play Now   Mary Frances Burleson, president of Ebby Halliday Real Estate, is building on the company's strong commitment to technology and continuing education.   More...

Hire Big Business Experience

1:05 | Play Now   Host Hattie Bryant says that Anne was able to go from $2 to $60 million in annual sales because she saw the need for big systems.   More...

Put Systems In Place

5:58 | Play Now   Leaders put systems in place.  When Steve Hoffman of Modern Postcard wants to work on improving systems, he brainstorms  with small groups of employees. More... and more

Pay Attention to Details

1:58 | Play Now   Hope LanCarte grew up within this family's business.  She has been involved with every element of growth.  This is a Miracle on Commerce Street.   More...

Stop Doing and Start Leading

5:03 | Play Now   Gary Salomon got the exclusive license for a new technology to produce professional signs quicker and cheaper than the old methods.  By teaching thousands of others how to sell and create signs, he has grown a very large business.  More...

Put Controls in Place

2:27 | Play Now   R.J. Duffy is the CFO at Gadabout and she implements the financial policies that support a strict by-the-book management philosophy.   More...

  There are over 160 videos about processes in business