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Be generous. It's the season. It's in the air.

Give, Give and Give Again

Marc Katz tells Hattie,  "..give it away. No question. That's the source of growth for this company."

Austin, Texas:  Hattie asks Marc, "How can we make money if you give everything away?"   And he replies, "Good question!"

We all know that non-profit organizations raise money or collect goods and then give them to people in need. This is not Marc's business model. What he is saying is that he has learned in life that when he gives, it comes back to him. The people or the charity he gives to end up circling back to do business with him. Sometimes, someone connected to someone Marc donated to comes to him to do business.

Marc says you keep what you have by giving it away. All of us expect to earn profits from our businesses, and to enjoy the fruits of our labor. We may think, too, that the bottom line is managed by increasing sales and by controlling costs. But that is only partly true. When we're small, we're usually afraid to be generous, because we need every penny to fund our growth. Marc says his commitment to charities has taught him giving pays.

Marc has organized fund-raising benefits that have helped to raise thousands of dollars for a variety of community organizations, such as the Hospice Austin, KUT Public Radio, Pediatric AIDS League, Diverse Arts and more. Want your business to grow? Find ways to give yourself and your services away. Take action to be a catalyst for good, and as Marc says, "You'll keep what you have by giving it away."

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What would move you to do the extraordinary?

Can you remember a time in your life when you worked incredibly hard just because you set a goal and you were going for it! Everybody marveled. And, you even marveled. It was an exhilarating time.   That's the energy we all need to face today's challenges.

From $0 to over $1-Billion in less than a Lifetime

This television show has a rather simple starting point that undergirds the vision which provides a foundation for integrity.

Understand the foundations of democracy and capitalism.  We all have to teach the essentials of democracy and capitalism.  Our best, tightest offering here is an episode with Michael Novak.  You can watch this episode, key idea by key idea, right here.  If you would like the link to watch the episode end-to-end, send us a note.

This television series explores the very best side of business.

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