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Last Update: Thursday September 23, 2021

The Mission and Vision

Other key pages about this television show

1. Use the search tool to find episodes by a question,
    industry, subject, location and a key word (Text).

2. Review the process by which businesses are selected.

3. Discern the reason for the name of this television show.

The Mission Continues (three more sections)

Every business needs a vision statement and a mission statement. The vision is the long-term goals; the mission includes all the goals leading up to the vision.  There is an Overview  and three more detailed sections of the Small Business School mission statement.  This issue is so important, there is an entire episode of the show about it.

1. The Foundations

The foundation of this show is good people who start a business, become successful and generous in their communities, and they want to share their insights. We all learn best through metaphors and by example. These owners and their employees share their hard-earned insights on starting, running and growing a business.

2.  The Relations

The school and show work with and through business associations around the world.  By all of us working together, we can decrease the number of business failures.  We can grow smarter and wiser.  The school and show are to create a means by which people help others to solve problems and grow.

We all have mentors and we help others by being a mentor.

3.  The New Dynamics

The best stories will get even better.   Here everybody nominates and selects the next person to have their story told. With the best stories and the best producers, these stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary  things will come to life.   These are today's unselfish, modern-day pioneers. We are all in search of the good and intentionally we avoid the bad.

Answers to the questions: Why TV? Why Small Business School?

Why Small Business School and why television
Most of the media and most of politics are driven by the negative, especially when it comes to business news.

Small Business School is committed to showing the other side of the story — the basic values that are the very heart of free enterprise. 

The people who exemplify those values, the vision and competency, better than any other group are the quiet majority of small business owners on the Main Streets of villages, towns and cities throughout the world.

The foundations of free enterprise

The core of the private enterprise system is respectful competition. Competition keeps capitalism efficient and innovative.  And, small business is a key source of competition:

  • Small business leads the way for technological change and productivity growth as the economy’s greatest source of experimentation and innovation.

  • Small business is changing the face of business. It creates opportunities for women, minorities and immigrants. Small business is how millions of people enter the economic and social mainstream.

  • Small business invests in its communities. There’s a growing and powerful interplay between a community’s social dynamics and economic performance.

The facts speak for themselves. The real story is found within the real-life stories of the successful small business people who fuel the economy. They are quietly, powerfully creating an entrepreneurial legacy to be nurtured, appreciated and emulated.

This is the quiet mission of Small Business School.  Now part of this mission is to change television so it becomes part of the revolution that is increasingly  unleashing personal creativity and innovation.   More about the very nature of innovation...

The Small Business Difference

Small business owners represent the core values required for a free and open society:

   »  A deep-seated urge for doing something better.

   »  Self-discipline and a commitment to hard work.

   »  Doing it the right way rather than the easiest, fastest or cheapest way.

   »  Putting personal integrity before personal gain.

   »  Commitment to country and community.

   »  Risk-taking and perseverance in the face of failure.    More about the very nature of risk...