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Last Update: Wednesday March 3, 2021

Welcome to the students and faculty of West Georgia Tech

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Some students have had some trouble finding the videos.

It is not always easy.

Three simple tips to guide your search for a video: (1)  Log in.  If you forget your password, have the computer send it to you.    (2)  Search by episode title but do not use any apostrophes in your search.  Our programmers are challenged by apostrophes. Use the fewest number of words. The business name is usually the episode title.  In composite episodes, like Marketing from a Distance  which involved many business, you'll either have to have that title or go to the third tip.   (3)  Do a Text Search. Again do not use apostrophes or hyphens (or other than alpha-numeric characters).

If you still have problems, drop me a note and tell me which episode you can not find. 

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If you would like to be a long-term member of Small Business School, raise your hand now,and  tell us your general  idea for a business (no trade secrets, please).  Also, you are now a temporary member.  If you plan to be a long-term member, log in and click on Profile in the header and answer as many basic business questions as you can at this time.   When you take that business live, you can then opt to also display your data here within this site.

Send at least this information:
1.  Your name, Student (or Faculty)
2.  Course Title
3.  Teacher / Professor
4.   Your business name and a brief description or your idea for a business

Background:  This page began in October 2008 through the efforts of Bill Sewell, Jr., a Marketing Instructor for the school to get his students more viscerally involved with studies.  The stories within Small Business School certainly can help. 

In October 2014 Bill requested and Hattie agreed to take over a class for a day.  She didn't travel to Georgia.  She came into the classroom interactively using Apple's FaceTime.

Small Business School is always just a click away.  It is our gift to the faculty and students of any school, business school, college or university in the world.

There are reasons for it.  One key reason is that we expect to find people who will take over these television productions.   Another is that some of you will in fact become small business owners with a mission that is far larger than your local community. 

For everyone who registers and sends a brief description of their idea for a business (or the business you've started), we will post it in the column on the right and then we all start tracking your story as it evolves. 

You all need to get into the mode of telling your story -- your elevator pitch -- that reflects who you are, where you have been,  where you are going, and what the meaning and value of your business is.   You will begin learning to evaluate and talk about your best practices, what you have done right and what you have done wrong.

If that will work for you, it will work for Small Business School.