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Hugh McColl, former chairman, Bank of America

Question:  Did you really mean it when you said,
"...there is nothing really attractive about being small"?

From: Bruce Camber
Sent: Wednesday, October 22, 2008 11:31 AM
Updated: Tuesday,  March 27, 2012
To: Hugh L. McColl, Jr.
Subject: Sunday's 60 Minutes interview

Dear Mr. McColl:

Congratulations on brilliant career and thank you for your service  within the US Marines.

I am sending this note to you as a result of your “60 Minutes” interview, particularly stimulated by your comment, "...there is nothing really attractive about being small."

I think you might want to reconsider your comment.

As the executive producer of a weekly, half-hour television series called Small Business School, consider just one of the business profiled, Cross Timbers Oil & Gas (XTO).  Five years after our episode,  XTO sold to Exxon Mobil for $42 billion.

Everything starts small, even you and me.

I love the energy, ideation, tenacity and cussed independence of the USA’s 27 million small business owners. There are so many things about being small that are good, attractive, important, and keys for the health and heart of our republic and her democratic capitalism. A favorite episode of the show focused on the thinking of Michael Novak of the American Enterprise Institute.

He says that small business is "...the most important institution in a civil society." He really gets it

That television series was underwritten by IBM, USPS, Business Week, AT&T, Microsoft, Travelers, and many others including the Bank of America. It was the longest-running show by independent producers in the history of PBS. Nobody could pay to be on the show. Every episode was about a business owner who was lifted up by his or her community and selected by the local business advocates to represent their state on a national and global television show. For each episode 100-to-300 businesses would be recommended and only one selected.

So, for over 14 years now, we focused on the top 1% who are loved in their community for their ethics and generosity and are respected in their industry for their innovations and leadership.

By the way, the show aired around the world via the Voice of America. At our peak we cleared on over 5000 stations every week. There are less than 200 PBS stations.

We are now reinventing the series. I took the show off the air in 2008. PBS stations have a license to those episodes for three years. And now, we are asking each local station to do one-or-two episodes per year. It will be a local show and the best of those will be fed nationally and globally. We are also creating another show for commercial television.  That series will be called, The Best Businesses of the World.

Our goals are simple:
 »  4M viewers per week in the USA alone.
 »  400,000 members whose use a collaboration kernel1 for the web.
 »  40,000 members whose employees use key critical ratios in their work.
 »  4000 of the most promising, who are listed for private equity investment.

All businesses start small. Not long ago Apple, Google, Facebook… were dreams that exploded as new realities. Many more are on the way.

It is such a new and different world we live in today. And, that old truism is truer today than ever before… small is beautiful.

We need honest people in business who know how to live modestly and humbly and surely you all look mighty good compared to Wall Street. If you would like to learn more, I would be glad to visit with you at any time.

Good luck and God bless you in all that you do.


Bruce Camber, Executive Producer / founder
Small Business School, Inc.
Private Business Channel, Inc.

PS. You might find some of the links below useful as further backgrounder info.

"...the longest-running television series on PBS stations in the USA and the Voice of America around the world about best business practices."

"Nobody can pay or has ever paid to be on this television show. Every business owner was recommended by many local business advocates, often the local Chamber of Commerce, and confirmed by their national trade association for their leadership, generosity of spirit, ethics, and courage.

"Many business journals provide their readers with access to daily business tips: