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Business is driven by faster-cheaper-better. Better is best.

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This show is the longest-running television series on PBS stations in the USA and the Voice of America around the world about best business practices.  If you did not find the show over on PBS (1994 - ), you can watch it right now! Browse the library or click on one of the photos and meet real men and women with real stories about their business. Each and every one a success.

Key to a sustainable business - People

All around the World:  In this episode we explore what it takes to build a team. We talk to business owners in New York City, Stamford, Seattle, Chicago, Tucson, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Dallas, San Diego, and Las Cruces.

The more successful a business owner becomes, the more likely it is you will hear them say, "The single most important factor in this business is the people." By re-examining very specific parts of prior episodes of the show, we give you the very best thinking about what it takes to grow your business by hiring, training and inspiring others.  This positions you to turn over the leadership when you are ready to make a transition and go on to other projects.

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With upwards of 2000 video clips, all key ideas from episodes of the show on PBS stations in the USA and on the Voice of America for over 14 years.  More...

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Answer enough questions, you'll create your own episode.  Nobody has ever paid  to be on this show.  It is about good people trying to make our world a better place.  All the questions are becoming interactive. Log in and learn more...

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Marty Edelston, founder, Boardroom, Inc.
Pam McNair, founder, Gadabout Spa & Salon
Modern Postcard
Frank Jao, founder, Bridgecreek Development
Remigus Shatas, Huntsville

Browse the library or click on one of the photos above. Meet real men and women with real stories about their business, their values, and vision for a better world. Every image goes to a video. Every video answers a key question about life and business. 

This the real revolution of our time!

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