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Thanks              From Cliff Prescott, Fat Towels

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60/60:  A Proposed Beginning for GPS-based Cities
Also, referred to as Priceless-Cheap Real Estate.  This letter might be considered the simple beginning of a  Billion-Dollar Idea.

Architecture of the future website
Websites constantly evolve. This one started in December 1994
and it evolves daily.

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on "60 Minutes" says there is nothing good about being small.

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On spending hours on this website!
Joanna Reed, Reed's Marine, Lake Chelan, Washington

About leadership.  Do you have what it takes?

Meet Keith Grint and many owners.  Letter from Alan Preston.

Our open letters... reflections on these days

"Dear Mom"  Thoughts on Mother's Day   The Family Apron

From: Small Business School web team
Sent: Tuesday, September 2, 2008 11:11 AM
To: Members and registered visitors
Subject: An update on the ever-changing web site

Hi -

If you visit this site very often, you know that we are reworking the homepage.  We are listening to people like you.  So, in that spirit, we would very much appreciate  your feedback.

The basic idea.  Make the site totally dynamic so it changes according to what people are doing on the site.

Another basic change.  The site will be totally open so people can collaborate from anywhere around the world to discuss this video content as a basis for building business relations. 

The long-standing dream for this site.  Since 1994 a goal has been to make every question interactive so you can answer the question yourself and build up answers that can populate your own homepage, transcript, case study guide, executive summary (overview) and even your video answers on this site.

If you have a chance, please take a look at the current homepage:

Notice the logo.  Those four square boxes represent our perceptions of time.

1.  TODAY, THE PRESENT MOMENT.  That top right AREA, the blue box in the logo, is for video and it will be synchronized  with (1)  the actual airings of episodes, (2) today's video tip to the business journals, and (3)  the latest videos uploaded by people like you.

1a.  Simulcast with every broadcast around the world.  It should simulcast when an episode is aired anywhere around the country or around the world.

1b.  Collaboration tools. Our visitors and members should be able to visit and discuss business.  This has been on our To Do list since 1995.  ll be added so you can join others who are watching the show and discuss the content during and after a show airs.

1c.  Open half-hour.  There are 338 half-hours within a week.  The show has aired on as many as 4500 stations within a week.  Only 210 of them were in the USA and it is difficult to know when the international episodes are on the air.  So, if within a given day we do not have a scheduled episode of the show being aired, that video box would display the Business Tip of the Day that is currently playing on the websites of business journals around the USA and the world.

1d.  Occasionally we will see a video from our advertisers and sponsors and from people like you who have uploaded a new video.

2.  The PAST.  The top left area of the homepage is for videos that have been recently viewed and episodes that have been recently aired.  Recently there were three rows of images, all clicked through to their video.  Today there is an amalgamation of  images that go to video and a menu. 

The yellow box in the logo represents the past, the setting sun, for thoughtful reflections.  Recently videos that people had watched were displayed on the first row.  This is how the left top area looked:

Videos That Have Been More Recently Watched...

KeithGrint80.jpg       DonnaBaase.jpg      Ed_Steve_Wing_Wahoos.jpg       BillHagstom_UroCor.jpg       Monica_Morgan_80.jpg

2a.  This header once read... Videos Currently Being Watched.  A little like YouTube, but here you can opt-in to share the moment.  If you are logged on,  and before you start watching a video, if you click on a  little Pineapple iconpineapple.jpg, you essentially open an event so others can join you.  Literally, you could invite dozens of people to watch with you and use that video as a discussion point. We will build in some social networking capabilities so people can schedule a video-watching event and chat or collaborate about it all online!

Those same tools will be added to every video segment throughout the site.

2b.   About Pineapple Invitations.  When you register, you can identify your industry, your location, your stage of growth, and more.  When you use the pineapple icon functionality, you can restrict all those that could join you by your any of these factors. 

Today's Featured Videos...

      Key Question #1            Key Question #2                Key Question #3              Key Question #4

2c.  The second row of images.  The first of the four images across are from those episodes that have aired most recently.   They are slated to change each day and essentially progress across the page, right to left. These are images that people would recognize from a recent episode most readily.

A Key Question just below each picture and it opens the search to other videos that answer the same question.  That Key Question is always within the Q&A tab on every inside page where there is video.

Start a business      Grow a business      Buy a business      Sell a business

The Enterprise Network and Standford University Small Business Innovation ResearchJet_a_wayHardHats.jpgHowardKentIronbound.jpg1407AnneT.jpg
      Key Question #5             Key Question #6             Key Question #7              Key Question #8

2d.  Start-Grow-Buy-Sell  These are the four key categories - starting, growing, buying and selling -- about business. These categories bring our members and visitors to those areas that might help them today

3.  UNIVERSAL, CONTINUOUS, IN-ALL-TIME, ETERNAL. The lower left box is our perception of continuity, the everlasting, the eternal, the deep truths, that seem universal and true through all time. Answers to the Interactive Questions (IQ) that seem to meet this criteria will be listed in this area of the page.  It is the green box within the logo.

In the spirit of Socrates, within this web site, there are always more questions than answers.  But it is here you will find quick access to all the Interactive Questions (IQ) to build those web pages on this site. 

How is your IQ?  Every key question on this web site  will soon become an Interactive Question.  For those who are logged in, these questions will welcome your response.  Your response can become one of the answers posted right here.  As soon as possible, you'll be able to upload your video, too, and your answer can opt-in to have your video considered for the homepage, top right box.  If you answer enough questions and your answers are compelling, they can be professionally integrated with segues, interstitials, openers, bumpers, closing and music and become an episode of the show. 

That is where this is all going.   Your school. Your stations.  Your market.  It will be all yours. 

4.  ThE Future.  The bottom right part of the homepage is scheduling events. It is underneath the Top Right Video Box,  Hattie and the entire SBS team (including all you members) will have links to your blogs that talk about life and business. There will also be more social networking tools added so you can schedule an event and have people come and watch a video with you and discuss it.

What do you think? How else would you improve the site?



Bruce (and the SBS team)

PS. If you would like to read a little about the thinking behind the web design, please respond to this note, and just add the word, Design, in the subject area. I'll send you that link. . Thanks again.