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Small business bubbles up an economy.

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This show is the longest-running television series on PBS stations in the USA and the Voice of America around the world about best business practices. 

There are riches in niches.

Camarillo, California: Meet Melody and Don MacInnis; they're  "making it in America."   They manufacturer and export to the far corners of the world because they are now known as the best  record manufacturers -  vinyl, phonograph, long-playing records -- on earth.  Most kids today do not even know what what a vinyl LP record is.  Most think it is a dead technology.  But talk to any audiophile, and  you'll hear them wax euphorically about the fullness of the analog quality of the sound.

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Every first step begins with a person with an idea.  The second step  involves another person to help shape the idea. In business the third step focuses on creating a product (or service) and the processes to do it. The next five steps continuously improve on the first three.  With continuity – constantly creating order – that idea becomes a business. And, continuity is surely the very first principle of life and businessThis television show began as an idea.  Then it became the longest-running weekly series about best business practices in the history of television.

Never seen the show?  You can now. Browse the library or click on one of the photos below. Meet real men and women, each and every one a success.  Every image goes to a video.  Every video answers a key question about life and business.  Here there are eight steps to financial independence; you are invited to join this  revolution.

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Cowgirl Enterprises with Donna Baase

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Albert Black, founder, On Target

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Lupe Fraga, Tejas Office
Ziba Design's ESOP program

The cry for real leadership in our world: Greed, so empowered by the media, runs rampant throughout our diverse cultures. Wall Street has failed us. So many within big business have failed us. Politicians, celebrities, and "big" personalities of every kind have failed us.  More...

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