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2002: Thinking about 9/11 and terrorism

Reflections over the years on 9/11

Most every year Bruce Camber, the CEO of Small Business School (and who with Hattie Bryant started this television production), reflects on 9/11.

An Open Letter to the President of the USA

September 11, 2002

Mr. George W. Bush
President of the USA
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC  20500

Dear President Mr. Bush:

If I were Muslim and my primary source of information about the USA were our major motion pictures, I would have nothing but disdain for the USA as well.  Though we all know those movies represent the fantasies of a few, the world does not.  There is a role for anyone who wants to volunteer to help set the record straight..

So I plead with you, "Expand the war.  Recruit all of us."  This war will never be won with bullets alone.  The fundamentals of this war are all around religion and the harsh judgment about the  American culture of power, lust, and greed.  Of course, the Muslim's who launched this war are also caught up within their own power-love-lust triangle.

Recruit Hollywood and national television.  Let us begin to tell the stories about good Muslims and bad Muslim people.  We need a dramatic re-enactment of the life of Quitb, and the life of every Caliphate throughout history.  We need to see inside the radical Muslim mind.

We all need to know the writings of Quitb (i.e. In the shade of the Qur’an) better than those who attack us.  We need to know the Qur’an better than their best scholars.  We all need to engage every Muslim who cheered  as those airplanes smashed into the towers, the Pentagon, and the earth. 

That hatred toward the USA must be given a very personal face. 

Small business owners need to learn what to import from the Arab nations and in the process learn what to export to them as well.  Perhaps they can set up local offices and employ people.  Perhaps we can teach them about the entrepreneurial spirit and they can begin starting businesses of their own.

They won't have time to be planning their deaths if they are planning their future life. 

We are here to help at anytime.  Here are links to episodes of the show that I find particularly helpful:
1.  The Essentials of Democracy & Capitalism
2.  The Essentials of Leadership
3.  From Transparency to Knowledge to Insight

Best wishes to you and your family,

Bruce Camber

Editor's Note:  Four years later in 2004 at the National Small Business Week this letter (above) came to life. It was used as a call to action to President George Bush and Congress.   Then US Secretary of Commerce Don Evans and SBA administrator Hector Barreto were on the stage and the presentation was carried live on cable television throughout the nation. -BEC

These reflections are written by Bruce Camber on 9/11/2002

When the towers came down, I said to Hattie that this would be a defining moment for the rest of our lives. My logic was simple; whoever perpetrated these satanic acts were on a path and the USA was in the way.

Yes, we learned who the real satan was that day. Their attack was on all things symbolic of America. Their attack was on freedom, democracy, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. All these values are an anathema to them. Brainwashed to revile all things American, our enemies now number in the millions.

Historian Matthias Küntzel, documents some of the earliest movements of today's fanatics²

2. Learning history: Now we all are getting to know something about the fanaticism and extremism within Islam. We are beginning to know the entire history of Islam. We are learning about Mohammad. We are beginning to read and know the Qur’an.

Individually two brave Americans, Robert Spencer and Daniel Pipes, have extensively researched, analyzed and written about the Qur'an and Mohammad.³ Although their work is only appreciated among the most gracious of Muslim people, I believe their attempts to identify a Muslim majority is based on a logical extension of questions that are worth paraphrasing.

3. Moderate Muslim people. Who is a moderate Muslim? If a moderate is one who will never engage in terrorism, most Muslim people would stand up. If a moderate is now defined as one who also disagrees with the ideologies of terrorism, many will sit down.

Now, if a moderate Muslim is defined as one who actively works against those who incite terrorism, even more will sit down.

Of those people left standing, who are themselves a target of the extremists, what can we do together to forge a powerful interpretation of the Qur’an that is far more compelling than anything the extremists espouse? Where can we find the texts for religious tolerance versus religious elitism? Where can we find texts that give some breath to Islamic law (or sharia law) and dhimmitude?

4. Projections: Most any form of elitism, especially religious elitism, is solipsistic. The elitist's insights do not evolve out of universal insight but from what they deem as a revealed truth directly from God. However, God reveals truth in many ways. Within all the sciences and mathematics, constants and universals are discovered and each reveals a facet of the Creator-Sustainer. The finest expressions of the arts which create transcendent moments of joy reveal a facet of the Supreme Being. Yet, we are all human and our understanding of both universals and those revealed truths is necessarily incomplete. Elitism leads to false conclusions whether from among the Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim or any other religious persuasion.

There is still much to learn about the fundamentals of all faiths and how the sciences have evolved out of a deep faith in these same constants and universals

Therefore, I believe it follows that we all should have humility with one another and listen closely to what each other is saying.   -BEC


1. We would all do well to learn a little about the Free Muslims Coalition and the Muslim scholar they most respect, Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi.

2. We would all do well to read and re-read Matthias Küntzel, Ahmadinejad's Demons. You won't believe the depth of depravity in Iran's "theology" from Ayatollah Khomeini onward.

3. Robert Spencer's group is called Jihad Watch

4. 2004. Writer Daniel Pipes, asks, "Who are the moderate Muslims?"

Reflections over the years on 9/11