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The Homepage Design: A work in progress

The current realities...

Business owners typically do not watch television.  Also, most business owners are far more conservative than most TV stations, and certainly most PBS stations  Yet, that will change:

1.  Television is changing.  Viewership is tumbling down for all of television. Alternatives are more and more compelling every day.  That's the reality.

2.  Viewers are changing.  The old production formulas of sex, lies, and violence have run their course.  In the new world order, personal growth is in.   Viewers are demanding to be entertained, informed, inspired, and challenged all at the same time.  They want to be involved.  They want to participate, to be givers, not just  receivers, to be the cause not the effect. They expect all their activities to be purposeful so they also expect to interact, meet new people, be global, confront new ideas, and most importantly, do business (exchange something of value). 

3.  Systems are changing.  Studied within several episodes of the television show, the new model for television now includes information processing, communications, education, and publishing. Our working acronym for this model is BICEPS.  Every episode of a show opens possibilities for viewers to engage each.

Broadcasts now become scheduling events to bring communities together.

Information about each episode is online.  Transcript, case study guide, overview and streaming video (for review) provides a platform for discovery and a model for every participant within Small Business School..

Communications in this new environment is now called collaboration.  And, during any broadcast of a show, the viewers can collaborate, discuss content, drill deeper into the it, meet and do business with others.

Education for some watching an episode means credits toward a college degree; but for most viewers, it is a learning experience about best practices, the power of integrity, and the possibility of networking and doing new business with others watching the broadcast or the simulcast online. 

Publishing one's own reactions to an episode creates dynamic content for each business owner to extend their business.  That information is their unique information and it becomes indexed by industry, key words, stage of growth,  geography and more. Once the owner opts-in to share that information, it becomes available to all visitors and viewers and business happens.

Systems.  Each becomes part of an Integrative System; as the inherent ideation within each come alive, the site becomes a working demonstration center about how the mind and business work. More...

The ultimate goal just in the USA is to have at least 170 stations producing no less than ten  episodes of the show each year.  The 52 episodes selected for the national and global feed have been described in greater detail here.

Local business advocates and partners

Who's who.  In every community in the USA over 50,000, there are Chambers of Commerce.  Within the region there are economic development  commissions and Workforce Initiative groups.  There are governors, mayors,  the business press, and often business professors.  There are local people from national agencies like the SBA, SCORE, and the SBDCs.  There are also often regional offices of national trade associations and national business associations like the NFIB. 

These people know the hearts and minds of their business owners within their local communities.

The nominating and the vettingThe challenge to all will be to nominate business owners who are loved in the community, who are respected in their industry, and who put integrity above all  (the criteria for selection ).

The list of 10%.  If every business advocacy organization and every large business with over 100 customers do the nominating, a list of 10% of the businesses will emerge.  If every business advocate is then asked to vote for twice the number of businesses that they nominated, a rank order will emerge.

The list of 1%.  The businesses who receive the most votes are then listed and posted on several websites throughout the community using a push technology.  That listing is dynamically generated just like the video clips from Small Business School to those local sites.  They can invite their customers and friends to register and vote for them.  Those businesses with the highest ranking customer satisfaction votes will begin rising in the list.

The entire process will seed viewers and  participants, and the selection process in every community will be automated and dynamic; it will reward the good and ignore the bad.   That is the future.  The good will be lifted up and the bad will be ignored.

That begins to change the television model.

We are reworking the homepage of the website and we would very much appreciate your feedback. The idea is to make it totally dynamic so it changes according to what people are doing on the site.

The current homepage -- -- is a simple first step to integrate broadcast, information, communications, education, publishing, and systems.  Yes, as an acronym, it spells BICEPS and it is a very new muscle that we'll all be developing together.  The ideas were discussed in an episode of the show about e-culture.

1.  The top Right Video Box.  We want the top right video box first to be synchronized with the actual airings of episodes.

1a.  Simulcast with every broadcast around the world.  It should simulcast when an episode is aired anywhere around the country or around the world.

1b.  Collaboration tools. Our visitors and members should be able to visit and discuss business.  This has been on our To Do list since 1995.  It'll be added in 2008 so you can join others who are watching the show and discuss the content during and after a show airs.

1c.  Open half-hour.  There are 336 half-hours within a week.  The show has aired on as many as 4500 stations within a week.  Only 210 of them were in the USA and it is difficult to know when the international episodes are on the air.  Yet, if within a given day we do not have a scheduled episode of the show being aired, that video box would display the Business Tip of the Day that is currently playing on the websites of business journals around the USA and the world.

2.  The top left Video Composition Area.  This area is the top left area of the pages.  At one time it had  hree rows of images, all clicking through to their video.  Let's analyze that presentation.

Videos That Have Been More Recently Watched...

KeithGrint80.jpg       DonnaBaase.jpg      Ed_Steve_Wing_Wahoos.jpg       BillHagstom_UroCor.jpg       Monica_Morgan_80.jpg

2a.  This header will read... Videos Currently Being Watched. A little like YouTube, but here you can opt-in to share the moment.  If you are logged on,  and before you start watching the video, if you click on a  little Pineapple icon pineapple.jpg  to open an event so others can join you.  Literally, you could invite dozens of people to watch with you and use that video as a discussion point. We will build in some social networking capabilities so people can schedule a video-watching event and chat or collaborate about it all online!

Those same tools will be added to every video segment throughout the site.

2b.     About Pineapple Invitations.  When you register, you can identify your industry, your location, your stage of growth, and more.  When you use the pineapple icon functionality, you can restrict those who can join you by any of those factors. 

Featured Videos...

HattieBryant_A_P.jpg Goshow_Architects.jpg Daniel_Walker.jpg Musicians_Joe_T_Garcias.jpg

Key Question: How do I get started?

Key Question: How do
I increase sales?

Key Question: How do I
protect my ideas?

Key Question: How do I
get a great reputation?

2c.  The Second row of images.  The first of the four images across are from those episodes that have aired most recently.   They are slated to change each day and essentially progress across the page, right to left. These are images that people would recognize from a recent broadcast.

The Key Question just below each image opens the search to other videos that answer the same question.  That Key Question is always within the Q&A tab on every page where the video is streaming.

Start a business

Grow a business

Sell a business

Buy a business

Scott Mooney, founder, Country Supply, Ottumwa, Iowa Frank Jao, founder, Bridgecreek Development, Huntington Beach, California Calise Bakery, Michael Calise, Providence, Rhode Island Do some kind of an Employee Stock Ownership Program

Key Question: How do I
spot an opportunity?

Key Question: Do I use my own money?

Key Question: How do
I buy a business?

Key Question: How do I involve employees?

2d.  Start-Grow-Buy-Sell.  These are the four key categories - starting, growing, buying and selling -- about business around which this site is organized.. Our problems and solutions are always related to one of the four.

3. INTERACTIVE QUESTIONS (IQ).  How is your IQ?  Those key questions just not far below the video strips will soon become Interactive Questions.  For those who are logged in, these questions will welcome your response.  Your response can become one of the answers posted right here.  As soon as possible, you'll be able to upload your video, too, and your answer can move up into the Video Composition Area.  If you answer enough questions and your answers are compelling, they can be professionally integrated with segues, interstitials, openers, bumpers, closing and music and become an episode of the show. 

That is where this is all going.   Your school. Your stations.  Your market.  It will be all yours. 

4.  The Bottom RIGHT for blogging, slogging, and PloTTing.  I call it the FUTURES area.  Down underneath the Top Right Video Box,  Hattie and the entire SBS team (including all you members) will have links to your blogs that talk about life and business. There will also be more social networking tools added so you can schedule an event and have people come and watch a video with you and discuss it.

What do you think? How else would you improve the site?  - Bruce