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August 4, 2008

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Hattie Bryant

Key Question #1: How do I start a business?


Key Question #2: How do I grow a business?


Key Question #3: How do I protect my ideas?


Key Question #4: What about the hard times?

Start a business      Grow a business      Buy a business      Sell a business

The Enterprise Network and Standford University Small Business Innovation Research

Key Question #5: What kind of  business...?


Key Question #6: How do I keep on growing?

Judy Cannon of Meeetings America

Key Question #7: How do I buy a business?


Key Question #8: How do I sell to an angel?

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Most key questions are have many answers,  When you click through to a video,  the box on the right has three tabbed areas, Q&A, TRANSCRIPT, and EPISODE.  Cursor over and click on the Key Question. There are often dozens of other answers! You can also search for a VIDEO by clicking on the word in the header!

Key Questions about business and life...

#1   What do I do get started in business?     

#2    How do I grow my business?     

#3 How do I protect my ideas?     

#4    How do I do I make it through the hard times? They will come.     

#5    Start: What kind of business should I start?     

#6    GrowHow do I keep on growing?     

#7    BuyHow do I buy a business by buying an existing business?     

#8    Sell:   How do I present to an angel  investor?      

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