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Last Update: Monday September 20, 2021

In honor of all those who served to defend our freedoms and liberty


Members of a local chapter of the Patriot Guard Riders; who are upholding their byline, "Standing for those who stood for us."

Throughout the USA:  Remember those misguided  zealots who were interrupting military funeral services to protest ...God only knows what?  The Patriot Guard Riders emerged as a result.

God bless the Patriot Guard Riders They defend their fallen patriots, those who can no longer defend themselves and their families who would never think they would have to do so.

Let us all honor the dead and their families by giving them that special time to say goodbye.  What presumptuous nuts would be so arrogant and so rude to believe that a funeral would be an occasion to make a stand about their own belief system. 

That is the height of solipsistic nonsense.

So we invite you to meet the Patriot Guard Riders  and 1000s of veterans ready to join their forces at the drop of the hat.

We say, "Buyer beware if you want to take on these well-trained, fearless folks!"

God bless them all into eternity!  May they never have to rise up again yet we all know that is just wishful thinking.

1.  Meet the leaders of the Patriot Guard Riders.

2.  Meet your State's captain.

Thanks again all you wonderful people for your service to the country and to the world. 

May your image intimidate the hell out of those self-righteous, self-proclaimed zealots, religious or otherwise, who want to shove their point of view down the throats of the rest of us.

Remember who started it.

Thank you.

To all our veterans throughout our entire history as a nation:

We salute you and honor you.

This page will link to our veterans and soldiers in battle.  That link will start on our homepage with these solemn words:  ...and crown thy hood with brotherhood from sea to shining sea...

That link is at the bottom of the left column, the most important part of the page  (More...). 

We  would like to ask for your blessings – your approval and prayers – on that link.  I hope people click through and are moved by your work, your love of country, and your service to humanity.

We are humbled producers of television and we profoundly thank you for your service.

We have been doing a weekly half-hour show that airs on PBS stations around the USA and then by the Voice of America around the world.  We started in September 1994.   Nobody can pay or has ever paid to be on the show.  It is all about the quiet heroes of our country who create jobs, create wealth, and make the world a better place.

We are just now trying to initiate a series of thirteen episodes about veterans who have returned home, started a business and have done very well.  They serve their country twice.  First, by going into battle and second by coming home and creating good jobs;  they create wealth for their employees and suppliers;  and they are still trying to make our world a safer and better place.  

The first such episode was done earlier this year with help from big business sponsors:
Opening video  

This link will revolve around the country however, we begin with the Patriot Guard Riders.

What a wonderful group of people.  I am sure when you gather together it is a very special event.  Whew!

As a thank you, we would like to offer you and any of your sisters and brothers who are interested in entrepreneurship free membership within  our website.  That is our modest thank you to be sure.  Yet, there may be people who are thinking about starting a business.  They would be inspired by the stories of others.  There may be some who are already in business.  The key ideas of others will be inspirational.  Some may be thinking about retiring  from their current business to reinvent themselves (possibly even in another business – we are!).  They’ll get all kinds of information about exit strategies and even fast-growth insights (for that next business).

If somebody wants to do it, just have them register on the site and then drop me a note  and I will personally comp and convert  that registration to a membership so they have access to all the video, search capabilities and more….

If you have any questions whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to call!


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