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These people are saying, "Work, Yes" and "Retirement? "No!"

Reinvent Yourself.  Creatively give back.

Great Barrington, Massachusetts: Visit this classic New England village on the fringe of the pulse of the Tanglewood Music Festival, the summer home of the Boston Symphony.  This area has become a substantial arts colony for the Berkshires.

Not too long ago it was a neglected old mill town. Today, it is a picture postcard -- the town is in a renaissance sparked in part by two men who thought they were going to retire.

Owners Richard Stanley and Joe Wasserman are heroes because they jumped in to solve a problem. They didn't ask, "Why doesn't somebody do something?" They became the somebody and they caught the imagination of the town.

They built Triplex Cinema on the site of a former lumberyard and today it is the hub of nightlife for the town.   It opened in November of 1995 with one film and today it not only offers movies, it is a gathering place for live events and dining in the lobby café.

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All these folks agree: Retirement is Obsolete

The statistics are clearly against the men.  The sequence: Retire. Go brain dead.  And,  the body follows within about 18 months. Retirement is just a stupid idea. Think about it.  People are their wisest and their most experienced, and they are asked to stop contributing?  What kind of madness is that?

Work is good.   As for jobs... that's another story.


Remigius Shatas will not retire.

He has even larger goals. He sold his business with his partners for over $1B and he became an angel investor for the creative and bold within his hometown of Huntsville, Alabama.

Key Question: What do I with the rest of my life?


Fess Parker just couldn't retire.

He was having too much fun developing properties.  He wanted his family to have their own family business.

Key Question: What is economic independence?


Bob Sakata doesn't want to retire.

He is in love with his farm, with planting, growing, harvesting, and feeding hungry people the sweetest corn on earth!  "Retire? Why?  To die?"

Key Question: What is the purpose  of life?


Jack Miller can not retire.

 He is having too much fun and he is on mission.  He is working on his next invention.  He has hit his stride and he is seeing more deeply and clearly into the very essence of life and light.  His inventions are literally and figuratively changing the world and the way we see it.

Key Question:  Isn't life about doing better?

Ownership.  When you own your own business you decide how long you want to work. All these people do just that. When we did Joseph Johnson's story he was 95 years old and still driving. He died at his desk at 101. We can all turn the "old formulas" on their head. We all have a lot of years of creative, productive, even transformative, work ahead.   More...      Prior homepage...