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Last Update: Thursday September 23, 2021

In partnership with the nation's finest publications

Partial list of Publications

Florida:   Florida Trend

Hawaii: Hawaii Business Magazine

Iowa: Des Moines Business Record

Virginia: Hampton Roads - INSIDE BUSINESS

Kentucky: Lane Report

Louisiana: Baton Rouge Business Report

Maryland: Maryland Daily Record

Michigan: Grand Rapids Business Journal

Minnesota: Twin Cities Business

North Carolina: Business North Carolina

Pennsylvania: Central Pennsylvania Business

Rhode Island: Providence Business News

Texas: Forth Worth Business Press

Wisconsin: Milwaukee Small Business Times

And, this list will grow.

These are the publications with which Small Business School has an active program to find the best businesses among their readershipo and within the communities that they serve.

About this list:  In this list in the right column, click on the publication name to go to their daily video tip page and click on the publication's URL to go to the publication's homepage.  Most often there is also a link from that home page to the daily video tip.

Daily Video Business Tips For Their Web Visitors:  Every day, every hour, every minute, Small Business School is feeding business tips to the readers of key business publications all around the world. All the links on this page are pop-up windows so please allow pop ups from this site. These are only for those links that go outside of this site. There are no "advertising pop-ups" allowed.   Click here to see an example.

Partners:  Many are actively working with Small Business School and their local production companies to identify the finest businesses within their geography and some are even working with local producers to create short videos (best practice case studies like the one's broadcast from Small Business School) about their subscribers.

New Videos: The best videos will be part of the broadcasts by Small Business School.

In search of the finest businesses

In every market let us reward the good -- those who are the generous spirits in the community, those who run highly-ethical businesses, they're good to their employees, customers and suppliers, and they are leaders within their industry. 

Let us ignore those who are unethical, bad or selfish and even those who operate in shades of gray.  The business advocates of a community know those who  try hard to be good citizens.

The media typically does the inverse.  They focus on the bad and ignore the good.  The result is that everybody believes business owners are only in it for themselves.  We can reverse these impressions. 

The bad represent less than 10%.  The average represent about 80%.  Let us look for the top 10%. 

Are you among them?  If so, please register  and become a member of the family!

Alliance of Area Business Publications.  Every business publication in the world is invited to consider "taking the feed." Primary consideration will be given to those publications that are members of the Alliance of Area Business Publications.