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Every Crisis Is Your Call To Action. But, Please, Be thoughful.

What is the power within an insight?

Innovation.JPGWashington, DC and around the world:  What drives people to challenge the status quo? go out into the unknown? try to create things that have never been seen before? Why do these people work so hard and stretch so far? Everybody talks about them, saying things like, "Crazy!" "They'll kill themselves."  "They're in a world of their own."  Yet, these daring people, driven by principles and dreams, are changing our world for the better.

We turned to scholar, Michael Novak, of the American Enterprise Institute for insights.  Along with his many books, awards, and appointments (U.S. Ambassador to the UN Human Rights Commission), he advises corporations and countries about economic development.  He is convinced the biggest advantage any country can give their people is empower the unique, deep-seated creativity of her people to start, run and grow a business.  

Novak would like to see this innovative spirit take root throughout the world. Today, with the ubiquity of communications, small business formation is better understood and much of the global community is finding their own unique ways to stimulate small business start-ups and capital formation.

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»  Imagination engages.

»  One's creativity is heightened.

»  And, our motivations get focused.

So what are you waiting for?

Entrepreneurs do not wait for somebody else to solve the problem. They take it on.  They just do it themselves, "The bigger the challenge, the bigger the return." They are not afraid what others will think, if people will say, "That's a stupid idea."   It is even easier to say,  "That can't be done."  So, with a deep  courage, a steeled heart and a focused mind...  More...

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A few featured videos... 

Cowgirl, Alexis Baase
Cowgirl Alexis Baase

Start a Business
Where is your business plan?
1.  Be mission driven   (link goes to video)
2.  Move out of the house 
3.  Consider Work That Isn't Work  (All the key ideas)

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Just getting started? Consider this Reality Check.

Q: How do I get started? 26 answers

Jack Miller

Grow a Business  
4.  Secure Multiple Patents
5.  Prepare for a long ramp-upl    (All the Key Ideas)
6.  Learn The Difference Between Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights

Homepage. Meet Ruth Ellen and Jack Miller, the Small Businesspersons of the Year from the State of Delaware.  Jack tells us all to take a quantum leap! We can all do at least that!

Tools to help you grow. Use this one! You might become a Malcolm Baldridge Award-winning company.  
Q: How do I keep repeat customers?  46 ans.


Souto brothers of Miami

Buy a Business
7.  Acquire your competition
8.  Demand quality from suppliers
9.  Keep dreaming    (All the Key Ideas)

Go to the homepage of this episode and meet the Souto family. They from Cuba, started a little family coffee business and turned it into a global enterprise.

Q:  How do I buy a business?  38 answers

Founder, Boston Duck Tours

Sell a Business
10.  Do it different    (All the Key Ideas)
11.  Find money to match your dreams  
12.  Be Number One 

Go to this homepage of this episode and meet Andy Wilson.  He sold some  equity  just to get it launched!

Q:  Who is the best buyer?  9 answers 

Retiring? Know your options.

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