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Last Update: Tuesday August 4, 2020

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PR Newswire

PR Newswire is the world's largest electronic distributor of news releases. They've been doing it since 1954!

With over 60,000 members worldwide - many of which are small businesses just like yours - these companies benefit because their releases are read by editors across the country. A well-placed article, even in a small local publication, can often lead to significant business rewards. Whether you use local advertising, telemarketing, a sales staff, or simply work solo on the phone, you need to communicate your message and increase the profile of your company. Sending out a news release is an excellent tool you can use to help achieve your marketing goals.

PR Newswire reaches these critical audiences:

1.  Print and Broadcast Points

Each release is distributed via satellite directly into the computer networks at daily newspapers, news services, magazines, television stations, and radio stations.

2.  Industry Trades

Releases are sent to appropriate vertical markets automatically. Utilizing wire, fax, email and the Web, trade reporters can select a broad array of news.

3.  Key Web Hubs and Portals

With most Internet searches beginning at search engines, directories and information portals, PR Newswire is one of the most accessed news sources on the Web.

More than 4,300 web sites, databases and online services, including Yahoo!, AOL, Bloomberg,, CNET and Dow Jones Interactive, carry content from PRN.

4.  Private Equity Investors:

The Investor's Research Wire delivers your full-text news release to the desk of more than 1,000,000 institutional investors. PR Newswire's Investor's Research Wire transmits your news directly to Dow Jones, Reuters, Bloomberg, Bridge, and numerous other financial databases and online services.

The Cost - Less Than Postage

The standard news release that runs about 400 words can be sent to all media in your state, appropriate trade publications, and to more than 4,300 web sites, online services, and databases for as little at $180.

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THIS IS A Special Offer from Small Business School and PR Newswire

Small Business School has teamed up with PR Newswire to offer you a 12-month PR Newswire membership at no charge.

Just submit your contact information through the Sign Up Now section of the PR Toolkit and someone from PR Newswire will touch base with you to get you signed up.

This is a $195 value!!

Then, you can save over $2,000 in free and discounted services as a PR Newswire member!

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  Media coverage

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$2,000+ in free and discounted services with waived annual membership*

•     Waiver of first year PR Newswire membership fee (value of $195)
•     FREE MediaAtlas™ Microlist with first domestic news distribution (value up to $525)
•     Discounts on eWatch™ Web Pubs (up to 50% OFF)
•     Discounts on ProfNetSM (50% OFF)
•     Discount on NewsCom Photo Archival (50% OFF)
•     Discount on Basic Multimedia New Release (25% OFF)

* Offer only available to new PR Newswire members through this page.

How does this benefit a small business or entrepreneur?

Successfully showcase your business with PR Newswire's powerful, targeted online distribution and reach thousands of Web sites where millions of media, bloggers and consumers are, so you can generate interest among those who can help you succeed.

Your message will reach:
•    More than 4,300 Web sites, databases and online services such as MSN, Yahoo! and AOL.
     Traffic on these sites alone gives your news release a  potential audience of millions.
•    Trade publications across the nation
•    85,000+ credentialed journalists at PR Newswire’s media-only Web site.
•    Journalists looking for expert quotes when working on deadline
•    Venture capitalists and other potential investment sources

At no charge you will also receive
•    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for optimized ranking in top search engines (select newslines)
•    Inclusion in over 150 RSS feeds and tags to increase your target audience visibility
•    Actionable intelligence. PR Newswire ReleaseWatch™  for clear targets,  maximum impact.