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Recognize Excellence: The Malcolm Baldrige Award.

"We're stuck ... too many arguments!"

Case Study #1: A family business

by Ray Anderson, CEO,
American Business Concepts
Ray is a seasoned business adviser
who actively uses virtual tools to help his clients to solve problems and add value to their business.

Background of a client:

  •   33 years in business, based in California
  •   152 employees
  •   founder in his late 70s
  •   five children - ages 35 to 50 - all active within the business.

Key Strengths:  An industry leader, solid product line, good margins, customer loyalty, brand recognition

Key Weakness:  Staff infighting.  Family infighting. No succession plan. Negative cash flow.

Organization:  Patriarchal.   The founder was the visionary, the critical thinker, the bold leader.  But now in his late '70s, with negative cash flow for  eight years, the legacy and the reward are being seriously eroded. 

The Tool to Get to the Keys to Unlock the Problems:
Business plans and SWOT analyzes can get people focusing on the same problems, but it doesn't necessarily get them examining each others best ideas for resolutions. 

Restructured for Excellence:  Everybody had ideas.  Yet the tool set quickly pulled all those ideas into one of four areas:
(1) Leadership, (2) Customers (3) Organization and products, and  (4) Workforce.  Then everybody got to answer online all the big questions by themselves.  The results were compared and discussions focused on particulars, not on personality issues.

Continuous improvement is now on everyone's mind. The tool set has everybody pulling together and thinking, "How can this be even better?" 

The turnaround is happening

1. The Patriarch is working on his succession plan.
2. The children are finding their unique niche within the business to develop themselves and the business.
3. The workforce is thinking positively and optimistically about the future.

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Many have used very special  tools to qualify for the award.  You can use these same tools to grow your business and be successful.

Quality:  The best-run businesses of the USA have received the Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award.

Understanding:  The tools used by Baldrige winners help people focus on  the quality of the tangibles and  the  intangibles within one's business.

Action:  Tools can help you prioritize your actions and those around you.  Everybody buys into a plan of action for the moment and for the long-term.

Language:   Use tools as a check-and-balance on the understanding of the common language that is being used to communicate your vision and priorites.

Insights:  Use tools to give people a means to listen, question, clarify, and encourage. When ideas are respected, ideas come forward to be cultivated.

Transactions:   Use tools to focus on the quality of every transaction at every level. Tools are like having a team of MBAs to guide and counsel your every decision.

Yes:  Yes, you really can get to a "Yes!" . You can build quality, confidence, continuity, real relations, and a growing sense of harmony with each other, suppliers,  and customers.

Tools that are based on the Malcolm Baldrige Model

There are business experts throughout the world who have developed excellent virtual tools that you can use to open up your business to a deep self-inspection about its values.  You can all others to use these tools  so  can see their own bottom line contributions and where there are discontinuities that need to be addressed. 

There specialized tools that could help each person associated with your business to build constructive relations in non-threatening ways, so the daily dynamics become positive, energized, and forward-thinking. 

Everybody begins to see how they can help build an award-winning business.  Everybody begins to see how to make a sustainable business that becomes  a legacy for themselves and the community.  Everybody begins to see how this business can become an asset that returns dividends long after one's own  contributions to the bottom line.

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The tools of the US Department of Defense!  Yes, these are tools that have been used by the US Marines, the US Army, US Air Force, the US Navy and so many others within the leadership of the US Department of Defense.

You'll step outside of television and into a rigorous environment for learning and you'll be taking immediate action.  This next step is for those who dare to grow.  

Introducing Ray Anderson.  Ray watched the show on KVCR-TV way back when it began in airing in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties in 1995.   He has called and written to us over the years.     More recently Ray wrote to congratulation us for the New York Times syndication of the Small Business School's streaming video.  He has since called on us in many ways.  

He has become a trusted adviser.  He is also offering tools and advise for business owners. Here is one of  the pages where he begins his work   Here is a link to send Ray a note.