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Oregon: As a young ski instructor on Mount Hood, Mike Neary built his first log home for himself.  When friends and family all bragged on it and wanted a log home too, he knew he had stumbled on to his life's work.

Today his company, Oregon Log Homes, builds the most beautiful log homes in the world.  The National Home Builders Association gave it "The Best In American Living" award and that won the attention of Disney.  Oregon Log Home was given the opportunity to build the Fort Wilderness Lodge in Orlando.

While much of the work is done by hand, Mike invented a way to automate some of the process which keeps the company competitive while still thoroughly unique.

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* A segment called "The  sliver of genius"

...was part of the earliest broadcasts back in 1994.  We slowly began to realize virtually every successful business is built on that special focus. And, yes, all these people are recommended by their community for their integrity and by their industry for their creativity and courage. Our national sponsors  from IBM, USPS, Verizon, Microsoft, D&B, and others have paid for everything.

Nobody can pay or has every paid to be on this television show.

And, every day should deeply stimulate our imagination and motivations.

Entrepreneurs do not wait for somebody else to do it. They just do it themselves. They take on the big challenges and are not afraid that others will think they are stupid, crazy, or simply a fool. It is so much easier to say, "That's impossible" or "That can't be done."

So what are you waiting for? Do you have special insight*? The courage? Tenacity?   Resilience?

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Start a Business
1.  Pay attention to spot opportunity
2.  Find an angel  (Go to all the Key Ideas)
3.  Make your Mission Statement inspirational 

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Grow a Business
4.  Adopt a Musketeer Mentality
5.  Force Marketing and IT to Work Together
6.  Charge for Insight (Go to All the Key Ideas)

Go to the homepage of this episode about Knowledge Management. (just aired in OH-WV).

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Buy a Business
10.  Create a new breed of owner
11.  Stop doing and start leading
12.  Seek out Mentors (All the Key Ideas)

For more, go to the homepage of this episode and meet Gary Salomon and his team.  Aired in NYC, NJ, and Philadelphia earlier this week.

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Sell a Business
10.  Find the right idea (to buy and to sell)
11.  Learn how investors think    
12.  Think Big  (Go to All the Key Ideas)

Go to the homepage for this Silicon Valley incubator (just aired in San Francisco and Indianapolis-Muncie).

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