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Last Update: Thursday July 29, 2021

The Best Producers for the Best Businesses of the World (BBW)

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The Best Businesses of the World

This new series will look at every kind of business.  It will be done country-by-country by local producers. The intention is to have a local show in every country with a population greater than 100,000 people (or with at least one local television stations that does local productions).  Each country will select those episodes from a pool of episodes from countries around the world.

There will be a special  focus on the oldest businesses of each country to study the conditions of sustainability and continuity.  Another focus will be on those businesses that have created the most jobs within a five-year period.  The dynamics of growth will be studied.  All the businesses will be qualified in the same way businesses have been qualified for Small Business School.  Again the business advocates will nominate and vote, however, here the communities will help to select.

Each production would involve local television broadcasting executives and their producers, independent producers of television shows and films, economic development people, chambers of commerce, private equity investors, local stock exchanges, and  excellent local businesses with a solid history within their country and beyond. 

A  focus of this series will be to tell the stories of the oldest businesses with each country, especially family businesses, so we can learn about the heart of continuity, the first step within the first principles of this show. 

Another focus will be those businesses that have created the most jobs within any given year.  Here we look deeply at the dynamics of creativity.

Always, the business owners who are studied will be deeply respected within their industry for their best practices and ethics, for their generosity in their local community, and for their openness to share their insights about the meaning and value of life and business.

In every country the very finest local television producers will be invited to do as many as ten episodes per year, first about those businesses that are the oldest in the country where the people within them are recognized for their fairness, vision, integrity, generosity, and leadership, and then, about all other businesses that have created the most jobs with the highest employee and customer satisfaction.

These two groups of business, when taken together, create a sense of order and continuity within that community.   That effect  expands to create continuity within the country and eventually in the world.  These are people who treat their suppliers, employees, and customers most fairly.

This show will engage private and public businesses. 

The best episodes from local editions of Small Business School may also qualify to be repackaged as a BBW episode.

Local productions, globally shared

As a weekly, half-hour show, the remaining episodes will be from Best Businesses from other countries.  All of these Best Business episodes will be online so programming directors can pick just those episodes they believe would enliven their market. 

This show will be on commercial television and it will be advertising driven.  Many of the national sponsors of the weekly television show, Small Business School, have already expressed interest in becoming an advertiser for this new show.

Production values
.  Each local producer for an episode of the show will be provided with a production tool kit so the episodes have continuity around the world.  They will each share a similar open and close, segues and interstitials, music, and look-and-feel.  All local producers will work with each other each season to enhance production values of the entire show around the world.

Production Schedule.  In every country as many as 500 of the oldest businesses will be listed and another 500 of those that are nominated by the governors, mayors, economic development, business press and business professors for their leadership and integrity within their industry and for their generosity and ethics at home. 

The general public will be able to vote on those businesses that get on the list; and based on that ordering, a production schedule will be created.  

1000 businesses at 10 episodes per year is 100 years of productions.

Eight topics to be covered...

There are eight subject areas for producers to caputre content for this television 24/7 channel.