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You have to have a business website.

Hattie, host and producer of Small Business School

World Wide Web: There are four basic reasons to build your business on the web. Whether you are just starting or you are growing, the web will be the  backbone of business in more ways than any of us can imagine. It is a new metaphor; it changes the way we think.

There are several sub-points within of those four basic reasons. Build your brand is Internet Basics 101. Using your website to uncover leads is Internet Basics 201. Give people a reason to email you and/or enter their telephone number and key contact information. 

Every website can be, and should be, monetized. Every site can land sales and create instant customers. Every site should communicate the essentials of who you are, what you do, and how you do it. Remember to become your customer, a people must like you, know you, trust you and believe you.

Eventually, the infrastructure of the web will be built into every business and we will all drive our business with e-business tools within an e-culture.  Even SoHos, Moms & Pops, and very small businesses will use the web effectively.

In this episode of the show we learn how the playing field has been leveled. You can do what big business does. The world is our market.  So, go from being a business to be an e-business and then to be an e-culture.

What are you waiting for?  

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HRB10.jpgHattie's Blog

Hattie Bryant, creator and producer, most often reflects on today's headlines from the point of view of a small business owner'.

Today:  Prepare for bumps in the road.

BEC5.jpgBruce's Blog

Bruce Camber, founder / executive producer, writes about first principles. He asks,  "Who are the most evolved people on the planet?


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Each of these businesses  just below have used the web effectively. 

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Start a Business
Homepage: Meet Steve Hoffman. He  re-invented his business so the web has  a strategic role.  He advises:
» Be willing to evolve
» Listen to the marketplace
» All the key ideas and videos of this episode

Key Question: How do I start a business?"


Grow a Business
Homepage: Meet the Navarro family. They came from Cuba with nothing. They started a pharmacy and it slowly grew. Today this family business runs a chain of the most productive discount pharmacies in the USA:
» Use Technology to dazzle customers
» Enroll the kids in the school of hard knocks
» All the key ideas and videos of this episode

Key Question: What is a path for growth?


Buy a Business
Homepage: Meet the Kathleen Barnes and Judy Cannon.  They bought a meeting planning business and immediately took it to the web.
» Buy a buusiness with promise!
» Form online relationships
» All the Key Ideas and video from this episode

Key Question: Can my business be my legacy?


Sell a Business
Homepage: Meet Bill Tobin.  He was one of the first to make over $5M on the web. He sold to Fingerhut.  He has deep advice for us all.
» Modify your philosophy
» Work Smart to Earn Online Customers
» Go to all the key ideas/videos of this episode

Key Question: Who is the best buyer?