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Real Revolutionaires Start Or Buy A Business

She makes her financials work for her.

Woodhaven, MI: Meet Pamela Rodgers, the owner of Rodgers Chevrolet.  We learn that key to her repeat business success is service. From her originally designed, colorful waiting area featuring a speedway theme to a team of highly skilled service advisers, Rodgers Chevrolet is a company that never misfires when it comes to building long-term relationships with customers. This is a team that's as well trained in the mechanics of human dynamics as they are the electronics of today's automobile engine. Keeping that relationship running smoothly is a matter of individualized communications where customer satisfaction is not an optional service.  Pamela's story is all the more unique in that she is one of the few women in the world to own a dealership in her own right. It wasn't passed on to her by her father or a husband, and she took a failing location and turned it around. Today, with a team of 85 employees Rodgers Chevrolet generates $73 million in revenue annually by selling nearly 200 and servicing as many as 1,200 cars per month.

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Baby boomers with jobs are retiring en masse. Owners of a business are not so quick. Most enjoy work. Creating something of value is good. It is profoundly life sustaining.
Why should any of us retire?  Encourage each other! "You can re-invent yourself.
These are your wisdom years
. Mentor the next generation They'll need it. Yes, help the kids get started in business. Serve on their boards.Start again!
Help buy a business. Be the revolution.   Sell...     More...

Don MacInnis

Buy from your boss

  •   Record Technology   Don started as a temporary employee, working in the shipping room.  He loved the business, learned it thoroughly and won the confidence of the founder.   More...
Kathleen Barnes & Judy Cannon
  •   Meetings America  Judy Cannon and Kathleen Barnes bought a business with a promise that they would some day pay the owner out of profits. With their profound love of their city and their deep faith, they were confident they could do it.   More...
Pat Elmquest & Bill Sugars

Buy a business that you love

  •   Mickey Finn's Pub   Pat Elmquest was a customer and Mickey Finn's had been serving people for over a hundred years.   More...
Pamela Rodgers, Michigan   •   You can.  People buy and sell businesses every day.  Creative financing is key, yet it's always a business they love. Study these: Blue Whale Movers (1), French Laundry (1), Graber-Saris (1), Rodgers Chevrolet (pictured), Specialty Cheese (1), Tejas (1)

Buy from somebody close to you

   •  from your Dad or Mom The founders of a business are usually overjoyed when one of the family wants to take over. Study these:
All Brand (1), Fluker Farms, Joe T's (1), Medallion (1),
Miles Fiberglass, Opici (1), Texas Nameplate (1), and Zubi (1)
   •  from your grandmother,  Mo's Chowder   Mo changed her legal structure from a sole proprietorship to a corporation so Cindy could buy stock through payroll deductions.   More...
   •   from your father and uncles,   Calise & Sons Bakery
Their father and uncles made a mess of their grandfather's business. Three brothers learned that fixing an old company can be harder than starting a new one. Meet Michael Calise.   More... 
Howard Kent •   from your father-in-law,  Ironbound Supply  By working at Ironbound for 10-years, Howard Kent gained an appreciation for the profitability of pipes and arranged to buy the business. More...
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