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Last Update: Saturday April 10, 2021

What is the power of a question?

Key Question:

How do I make it through the hard times?

Ask questions and then search for the answers.  This is the secret to leading a successful life and it is what it takes to build a business.

Q: Don't veteran business owners already know the answers?

A: No. They know many answers but not all of the answers. Frank is the perfect example of an entrepreneur who will not be stopped by a question or a problem. He will even dig through trash to find an answer if he believes the answer is in that trash. Most people and even most business owners are not as willing as Frank is to admit what they don't know. Most people long for stability and avoid facing questions and problems. It is only when we, like Frank, put the questions on the table and muster the courage to seek out the answers that we are able to advance and grow

Every Key Question Leads to More Answers

On every page with a video notice under the Q&A, there is always a Key Question.  Click on the Key Question  to go to other possible answers to this same question.  From the four videos on the right:

1. How do I keep on growing?  Seven video answers!
2. How do I keep good employees? 30 video answers!
3. How do I fiance the startup?   24 video answers!
4. How do I stand out in the crowd?   28 video answers!

How do answers open more questions?

We all need to learn to ask questions all over again.

•  Our naturally curious mind gets discouraged.  When we were children in school, we quickly learned that questions can be dangerous.  The teacher would comment, "You don't understand that... see me after class."  Sometimes even our classmates would laugh or groan with a question. 

When we are preschoolers, we ask questions. Hundreds of questions. Then comes school, and our question asking ability is challenged.  By the time we are teenagers, we know that questions can be very dangerous to our health.

Our talent for asking questions gets pushed down and out. Not many teachers encourage a Socratic dialogue. Over the years, we just stop asking questions when we should actually be constantly learning how to ask even more incisive questions to get more substantive answers.  

•  There are four basic questions about life we all ask.  Our answers become  the very foundation of our identity and knowing:  (1) Who am I? (2) Where did I come from?  (3) Where am I going?  (4) What is the meaning and value of my life?  If one were to start with a basic premise that we are the value we bring into the world, your four answers will open wonderful new questions

•  Every video segment of the show begins with a key question.  Those questions open a deeper, broader, more inclusive look at business and the process by which we create value in this world.  The best business are constantly creating unique value.  In this corner of the homepage, we will explore how questions lead to answers which open new questions that take us further within the essence of our business, our people,  and our products and services.