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Last Update: Monday January 26, 2015

Please Nominate Your Very Favorite Small Business

About these nominations

We can all be advocates for a good business.  Every business that has been profiled on this show has had many advocates.  Some of these advocates have included the governor of the state, mayors of their community, their economic development folks, Chambers of Commerce, and business editors.  Some have won numerous small business awards.  Some won the Malcolm Baldrige Award, the Horatio Alger award,  E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year, Inc 500 and so many others. 

You may use this form to nominate your own business.  Over the years we have asked and we have received self-nominations as well.

Small Business School is an empowerment zone. It is about empowering  people and their businesses to greatness. It's about making businesses better, more profitable and more compelling. It is about lifting up the quiet leaders within a community and industry.

This site is filled with hundreds of examples --  all people who share their insights on why they succeeded (when they did) and why they failed (and they're the first to tell you, "Everybody does at some point.") and how they got through it.

Why should any of us reinvent the wheel?

We hope you will use this site for staff development, for business planning, and for inspiration and insight.

If you have any questions, please direct them to Bruce.

You can say, "This business, especially the founders, are leaders within their industry, generous within their communities, and highly ethical."

2015:  From 1995 through to the year 2000, the show was titled Small Business 2000.  We never expected the show to go on for six years.  It was impossible work, but the show did go on. We rebranded, and on January 1, 2001, Small Business School was initiated with new music, new graphics, and new episodes. Over the years, we retired most of the old URLs, but kept sb2000 alive.  It was sentimental; yet, in the back of our minds, we thought that old URL would come back alive in some unique ways. 

It will. will become a listing of the best 2000 small businesses in the world  who are open to outside investors and who have a vision for the business that goes well beyond the lives of the people running it today.

"The Best" because the business is built on all the best principles -- integrity, ethics, generosity, courage, creativity, resilience -- to name just a few. 

We invite you to nominate the best businesses about which you truly know the founders and the people around them.  We believe these people should be profiled on the next generation of Small Business School which will be local episodes developed locally by a consortium of Chambers and trade associations to validate and confirm the selections, local producers to help craft each episode, and small business advocates (coaches, former-business-owners-who-refuse-to-retire...), all people who champion this process.  

As the new production cycles begin in each local area, your nominated businesses will be on the list for consideration. Please follow the guidelines on the right.

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