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  • Are you introducing new products or systems?

  • Do you need to train and motivate franchisees or distributors?  There’s one person who may know them even better than you do.

  • Are you selling franchises? To entrepreneurs? To small business people? There’s one person who truly knows what makes them tick.

You need Hattie Bryant.  She's the voice of the small business revolution.

Three Speeches
1.  The New American Heroes
2.  Why Rules Work
3.  It's Much More Than Money

Four Seminars:
1.  Leading the Revolution
2.  Building a business For Life
3.  Creating Demand in the 21st Century
4.  Staying Power

Her commentaries, anecdotes, and powerful video excerpts bring wisdom and enthusiasm into your meeting room. Every week Hattie Bryant, who started Small business School with her husband, Bruce Camber, reaches 90 million U.S. homes through broadcast by over 200 PBS-member stations. Since 1994,she has taken her viewers (500 thousand to 1.2 million) to meet a successful entrepreneur and to learn how they've built their business. . . from apparel manufacturers to candy factories, national rep firms, restaurants, software providers, transportation services, tourist attractions, you-name-it. She's been there.

Whenever Hattie speaks, she teaches. She motivates. She entertains. She uses clips from ther TV shows. She tells stories. Stories that portray unusual creativity or courage or persistance. Stories that support and reinforce and impart valuable lessons.

Nobody, but nobody comes away from a Hattie Bryant speaking engagement without having learned, having been motivated, and having thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

How's this for a recommendation:
Every single company and organization before which Hattie has spoken, has asked her back!
Every one.

Talk to her about being your voice at company conventions, sales and marketing meetings, training seminars . . . . No matter who you need to motivate . . .

Whether you need a speaker to help train and motivate your own district management, sales or service personnel, or whether you need to capture the attention of, and stimulate your franchisees or distributors, Hattie can help. She can help each one better understand   the other, because she’s had so much experience with people on both sides.

Get everyone going in the same direction at the same time
. . .

“‘Parent company people’ just care about branding and image. Oh maybe they care about share of market, because they’ve got to look good this period, but they certainly don’t care about my bottom line.”

“Franchisees are just trying to maximize their profits . . . can’t they understand we’re in a battle for market-share here, that only when we’re Number One can we set our own pricing, and then the others’ll have to follow.”

Do these statements represent polar extremes? Does there have to be a gulf between franchisor and franchisee? Do the needs of the national organization have to conflict with local goals? Certainly not. And Hattie’s the one to get people on both sides to put themselves in the other’s shoes and work together toward common goals.

Truth is, local business people often do think a little differently than their corporate counterparts. They’re frequently even more cautious when it comes to committing funds. Because those funds are their own or are part of a just-barely-sufficient operating budget that may have taken years of hard work to accumulate.

So they take all the facts into account before they act. Just like their corporate counterparts do. But they distill their facts, if not a little better, certainly quicker. They dispense with superfluous data. They explore key contingincies, but they don’t send people scurrying on every conceivable tangent. Because they don’t have extra manpower. They don’t manicure every blade of grass because they don’t worry about covering their corporate * # \ *.

Top Hats . . . Hattie’s Top Subjects

Hattie has created and researched three general subject areas that bring home the important ways that franchises and distributors--small businesses--complement their “parent companies”--big businesses. How entrepreneurs and their corporate counterparts complement each other. And how everyone in your organization can benefit from her unique knowledge, experience and outlook.

These topics can be presented as speeches or seminars, and of course, may be tailored to specifically meet your company’s objectives. If you need a speech or seminar designed exclusively for your sales or marketing people, for your franchisees or distributors, then consider the following as idea starters. Hattie will work with you to develop a presentation that precisely fits your needs.


Speech #1: The New American Heroes
In this 40-50 minute presentation, Hattie demonstrates why the small business owners of this country are its true heroes. She uses video clips from her television series to show the faces of heroism . . . the business owners she has studied who are the innovators, the risk takers, the creators of wealth and work.

There may be no more land to discover, but entrepreneurs are continually discovering opportunities to create and deliver products and services that make the world a better place.

Speech #2: Why Rules Work
In 1979 Hattie wanted to work for herself and found a franchise she wanted to buy. A mentor told her, "forget borrowing from a bank because you just used your cash for a down-payment on a house, you earn $600 a month and your husband is a graduate student." She convinced her father to loan her the money which she quickly paid back with his required 18% interest. By sticking to the rules, she went to the top of the franchisee organization. By listening and learning she earned. Every franchise owner needs to be reminded that rules work. Hattie looks at the foundational principles of why rules work and when it is time to question them.

Speech #3: It’s Much More Than Money
Why is entrepreneurship so big in this country? In this speech, Hattie answers this question and throws light on the psychographics of small business owners. The audience learns that money is not the driving force for the majority of entrepreneurs, especially those who are in business for the long haul.


Seminar #1: Leading the Revolution
The Internet is being used aggressively by millions of small business and no business owner should let this global postitioning opportunity pass them by. Hattie will show video examples of how small business owners are using the Internet to grow.

Participants learn:
...first, exactly what the Internet is becoming to control costs by understanding the pipes, values and fittings to get online without going overboard to hire and manage the cyberspace worker to borrow from Peter (old marketing budget) to pay Paul (the Internet) to be close to customers who may be very far away to let the customer's fingers do the ordering to partner with strangers to make sales, generate profit and tame the www (wild, wild, west)

Seminar #2: Building a business For Life
To build a sustainable business owners must have
1) the right product at the right time
2) the right customers at the right margins
3) the right people in the right place
4) and be the right leader

Participants learn: to evaluate product life cycle to close the gap between what they sell and what a customer buys to fire customers to sell one-on-one to thousands to stand out in the crowd to find the right people to hire to teach, preach, coach and counsel your way to productivity to nuture your leadership skill

Seminar #3 Creating Demand in the 21st Century
To create demard in the 21st Century, a small business owner must choose carefully and focus clearly. No small business can be all things to all customers, but, a business can thrive by applying brains rather than brawn to every marketing and sales decision.

Participants learn: to find a new market without giving up the old to find your newest competitors to create equity in a database to barter for attention to stand out in the crowd to get magic in your marketing mix to use scarcity marketing to get buzz happening

Seminar #4: Staying Power
Starting a business is hard but staying in business is even harder. The Edward Lowe Foudation's research shows there are some common qualities possessed by businesses who make it over the long haul.

Participants learn that long-lived companies have:
...a clear vision. environment where employees can thrive.
...a solid business model.
...flexibility. details in hand
...effective at marketing and sales processes
...a strong board of advisors
...consistent quality

Hattie teaches and motivates

Think an evangelical preacher knows how to motivate his flock? Sure does. In fact, that’s an understatement. He motivates. Inspires. And moves ‘em to action too.

Right from the cradle, Hattie learned from one of the most renowned preachers in the South, her father. And like her father, she exudes energy. She bubbles over with enthusiasm. Her mere presence in a room is exciting. And that excitement is contagious.

There won’t be a single member of your group who doesn’t catch it. Who isn’t inspired. And who isn’t better for the experience.

Hattie moves your people to act

Even before she’s through with them, your people will have a new understanding. They’ll get new ideas and create new strategies and tactics to achieve their goals. And long after Hattie’s gone, they’ll still be motivated and still be performing their jobs better, going beyond the limits that you may have thought they had. Because Hattie gave them the facts, the background, the stories, the methods, the tools and the inspiration they need to succeed.

And they love her for it

While she teaches, while she motivates, Hattie entertains. She uses clips from her TV shows. She tells stories. Stories that portray unusual creativity or courage or persistance. Stories that support and reinforce and impart valuable lessons.

Hattie will give your people the facts and teach them new ways to think

Your franchisees are overwhelmed with the speed of change, technology, competition, workforce issues, product obsolescence--not to mention dealing with local, state and federal regulations and taxes. It's no wonder when they come to your meetings, they want to be informed and inspired. Can they learn to cope with what they can't change and also learn how to change what they can? Yes.

She’s easy to book; easy to work with
Hattie’s fees are surprisingly reasonable. And they’re all-inclusive. They cover all transportation, hotels and incidentals that with some speakers can really add up. Hattie’s no prima-donna. (She’s been around too many of ‘em to act like one herself.)

But book now so you’ll be sure that she’s available at the time that you need her. Call 214-801-8521 and talk to Bruce Camber. He’ll answer any questions you may have and arrange for you to speak with Hattie directly to discuss specific topics, and/or reserve a date.

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