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Here's what people are saying: Chambers, First Union, IBM, MGE,  Women

When Hattie speaks live, her commentaries, anecdotes, and powerful video excerpts bring wisdom and enthusiasm into the room. Whenever Hattie speaks, she teaches. She motivates. She entertains.She uses clips from her TV shows. She tells stories.Stories that portray unusual creativity or courage or persistence. Stories that support and reinforce and impart valuable lessons.

Nobody, but nobody comes away from a Hattie Bryant speaking engagement without having learned, having been motivated, and having thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

How's this for a recommendation: Every single company and organization before which Hattie has spoken, has asked her back!  Every one.

Chambers of Commerce

"We've had everybody -- all the big names.Hattie is the best at giving an audience real world help.Small Business School Participants left saying they can and will use the advice."Small Business School
- George Guestello, Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce

"As director of education for our Chamber, I am responsible for coordinating seminars and speakers for many events.Hattie Bryant knows her topic . . . . She is a pro . . . and any meeting planner who wants excellent content and an upbeat, fun presentation style will be happy with Hattie."
- Douglas F. Landsea, Miami Chamber South

First Union Bank

"After hearing Hattie . . . I knew I had to have her represent my company as the keynote speaker at a small business event in South Florida.Hattie is a dynamic, informative and entertaining speaker that I can recommend without any reservation!"
- Wade Nield,  Small Business Marketing

IBM - North America

"I have had the opportunity to hear Hattie Bryant speak on three separate occasions, and was impressed with her broad audience appeal and her skill in tailoring a special message for each audience.Small Business School She earned standing ovations at each event, with good reason.Her message is relevant, her energy is contagious, and her business owner vignettes are inspiring!"
- Kay Stephenson, IBM Global Financing

Madison Gas Electric Company

"Hattie Bryant delivers! She hits the nail on the head' every time. She prepares for each group and is able to connect with whatever audience and situation she is presented.And not only connects -- Hattie motivates, educates and energizes her audience, leaving participants wiser and more purposeful.She invariably exceeds expectations! Meeting planners would do well to hire Hattie."
- Eileen P. Vandoros, Senior Project Manager


"We have had Hattie speak to three groups of customers, and to our small business marketing employees, and in each case, the response has been overwhelmingly positive.She comes well prepared, brings a wealth of valuable information, and delivers it with enthusiasm and humor that leaves the audience feeling energized and inspired.If you are looking for something truly special, ask Hattie to be at your next conference. Her television series is great, but she's even better in person."
- Steve Starliper, Qwest, President, Small Business

Women's Business Owners Association of America

"Hattie delivered an exceptional presentation for us. The participants expressed their enthusiasm throughout the seminar . . . . If you want business information presented in a fresh and invigorating way, Hattie's your speaker."
- Sherry Martin, President