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Notes about Hattie speaking

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   Beating the Odds

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People talk about Hattie Live

Her commentaries, anecdotes, and powerful video excerpts bring wisdom and enthusiasm into meeting rooms across the country.

She takes time from the weekly broadcasts of Small Business School to talk about the small business revolution that is sweeping the world.

Since 1994 Small Business School has been broadcast by most PBS-member stations reaching 90+ million U.S. homes. 

Hattie takes her viewing audience and web visitors to meet a successful entrepreneur and to learn how they've built their business... from apparel manufacturers to candy factories, national rep firms, restaurants, software providers,Small Business School transportation services, tourist attractions, you-name-it. She's been there.Small Business School

Whenever Hattie speaks, she teaches. She motivates. She entertains.  She uses clips from her TV shows. She tells stories. Stories that portray unusual creativity or courage or persistance. Stories that support and reinforce and impart valuable lessons.

Nobody, but nobody comes away from a Hattie Bryant speaking engagement without having learned, having been motivated, and having thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

How's this for a recommendation
: Every single company and organization before which Hattie has spoken, has asked her back!  Every one.