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Last Update: Thursday July 29, 2021

Audiophiles Seek Perfection

 Resources and References:

  • The Absolute Sound: You want to know what a longtime audiophile believes is great music, check these favorites of Harry Pearson, Editor/Publisher  and CEO, founder of Absolute Multimedia in Austin, Texas. Wayne Garcia, Fred Kaplan and many other writers within The Absolute Sound will quickly convince you that there is something unusually powerful going on here.

  • Acoustic Sound: This ultimate test record was created Barry Wolifson from Sterling Sound in New York City in New York City. Read this article to the bottom and you'll have a deep appreciation for the qualities of sound that are being perceived and checked.

  • Positive Feedback Online: A very nice, intimate group of 220,000 audiophiles. Great energy, and I quote, " of the best online audiophile publications on the planet."

So, what is an Audiophile? 

References and Comments by Bruce Camber

Preserving the best elements of Thomas Edison's 1877 invention is an art form. Museums preserve things to remind us from where we have come, so we are better able to decide where we want to go. Audiophiles believe this is the best technology for all times and it will be the best forever.  Many of these audiophiles preserve this technology because they believe it is healthier, holistic, and transformative... that purely digital music is not good for the soul.

Crazy? Maybe not.

There may be saying something very important going on here. I do not know, but it is easy to love their enthusiasm, depth of knowledge, their gentle and gracious spirits, careful moves, and highly-attenuated commitments.  By comparison, I feel, and the rest of the world appears to be, brutish and boorish.

The population of audiophiles -- and this is only a guess -- approaches 500K in the USA yet is under 10M worldwide.  They have conferences and publications; they're an active group, so we will list some of them here.

Before you jump to conclusions, seek them out and listen to the subtle sounds of an analog recording. Audiophiles swear by it. They say that analog soothes the brain, creates metaphors, and takes the mind and our emotions into sweet spaces and unknown places.

Meet the High-End Record Manufacturer:  Meet Don MacInnis and his dear wife with the oh-so appropriate name, Melody. You can actually tour this facility online through streaming video. Called Record Technology, Inc. (RTI), it is in Camarillo, California. Or, visit them online at   (a pop-up window).

Quality recordings:  Geoff Michael, a producer and engineer who owns Big Sky Studio in Ann Arbor, MI said this about RTI, "The record is manufactured at Record Technology, Inc. in Camarillo, California, a state of the art facility that specializes in audiophile records and produces the best pressings in the world."

AWARDS: This industry is relatively small and everyone knows everyone. Within a few hours you can learn who the insiders and long-timers believe are the trend-setters and perfectionists:

Check these listings:

1. Brutus Award - Positive Feedback Online from a real audiophile insiders group (right column).
2. The Absolute Sound Golden Ear Award with Harry Pearson    
Most companies that receive such awards post that information on their websites. Here is one example from VPI Industries, a manufacturer of very high-end turntable products.
3. Steve Hoffman has a listing of most of the leading players in the industry.

You will find lovely people who really enjoy sensual music!