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Last Update: Thursday July 29, 2021

Billion-dollar ideas... do you dare take one on?!?

If you do not have a business...

Carefully consider what kind of business you will start. It is the most important decision you can make at this point in your life.   First, do you have the aptitude and attitude for it.  Click here to take a simple test. If you don't do it, you probably shouldn't start a business. No pain; no gain.

There are three steps to get started:
1. The Initial Idea. It is still really just a dream, but you have seriously begun to discuss it with others.
2. The Start Up. You are spending money. You are developing tests to see if this idea has legs. You emerge with a prototype product or service that you can test market and attempt to sell.
3. Incubate. You have made your first sale and you are refining the processes so you can replicate that first sale over and over and over again More: Over 250 videos

The opening of every episode of the show

Start a Business

In the opening of every episode of the show you will hear, "Everybody has an idea for a business but how do you take that idea from mind to market.
This is the place to learn

Where is the money?

You will need to get the money for rapid expansion. Study every episode about money (over 100 video answers).

Sell a Business
Homepage.  Meet Andy Murstein.   His grandfather started a taxi company.  His dad built on it and started the loan business for immigrants and minorities to buy their taxicab. Now, Andy is building on both; he sells the company's stock on Wall Street and is building a billion-dollar banking business.

He says:
» Grow your business by growing your niche
» Expand horizontal and/or vertical integration
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Billionaires are transaction oriented.  They know that every transaction counts and they're relentlessly focused on creating something of value that people will regularly buy.  They're focused on understanding the reason why people buy and the reasons they return to buy again.

What is your focus?  Most all business owners dream of growing a billion-dollar business.  The opening of every show captures that spirit.  Yet, only a few actually breakthrough and achieve such astonishing results. More...

Frank Jao came to the USA with nothing; today he's a billionaire.  His focus is real estate development and he gives away his secrets More....

The founders of XTO are billionaires. Though their focus is oil and gas, they became financial wizards by raising money on the public markets to buy parts of other businesses.  More...

Andy Murstein (right column) has broken that barrier. He went public and builds on the foundations of two earlier generations; his focus is now on money. More...

So, what are you waiting for?

You have a special genius. We all do.

Some reflections on creativity by Bruce Camber

We all have a unique and abiding genius.  We've called it a sliver of genius.  You can solve some of the world's most pressing and vexing problems.  Yes, you can.

The energy crisis?  Real innovations are possible. There are too many blind spots. We can all think about energy in new ways. Important breakthroughs can happen. But first, before you attempt what appears to be the impossible, see in what ways education has failed us. We all need to learn these basic basics.   More... 

Garbage crisis.  It is also about the Open-space crisisHere you see what day-dreaming can do as our executive producer and founder, Bruce Camber, reflects on ecology mountains created by waste products built over highways.

Clean water crisis?  What do we know about hexagonal and pentagonal bonding?  ...about the simple bonding of hydrogen and oxygen?   Answer: Less than we think we know.   Again, there are many, many people filing new patents and moving the bar deeper into the unknown.   Is it possible that Josephson junctions, Bucky's fullerenes, and deuterium have a functional relation?

Global positioning. Buy the most-valuable, most-inexpensive real estate on earth.

Fanaticism. Grasp a deeper insight into the foundations of religions and the sciences then become an ambassador to the nations. Fanatics, severely limited intellectually, can be redeemed.

There will be more about each of these crises within the section of the website that talks about going from $0 to over $1 Billion in less than a lifetime.