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Last Update: Thursday September 23, 2021

You really do have a special genius. Yes, you do. So, cultivate it.

Featured billionaires....


Meet the XTO team. Remember when oil was $9 per barrel?  Bob Simpson (pictured), Steve Palko and Louis Baldwin do. You'll learn how employees become owners, too. Also, learn about their $35M IPO.  That's selling! They founded Cross Timbers Oil & Gas in Fort Worth at the same time others were getting out of the business.

These visionaries with a long range plan teach us all what it means to take calculated risks. Today they trade as XTO Energy, became the one of the largest oil and gas companies in the USA, and then was acquired by Exxon-Mobil.

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AnneBeiler2.jpg Meet Anne Beiler, founder Auntie Anne's Pretzels.
One of the most amazing stories in our library; this woman has made billions and has given most of it away. She is on a mission to create real businesses based on love and the blessing of an absolutely delicious pretzel.

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EbbyHalliday.jpg Meet Ebby Halliday, a pioneer in real estate. In 1949 she started selling homes; today, she is an icon in her industry and one of the most generous people in Dallas. A remarkable story of an American legend,  she bought many businesses along her way to build a $6B empire.

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Meet Frank Jao. He came to the USA with $0.  Within a day he was selling vacuum cleaners.  With a year he was selling houses. Within four years he learned how to develop commercial property. Today, he is the father of Little Saigon, a home for Vietnamese people who have come to the USA to make a new home.

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The Key Question:  What are paths for growth?

The focus is not on money but on value creation.

We each have a special genius.  It is a talent or gift. 

With grace and respect for all others, cultivate who you are.

Study those who went from $0-to-$1 Billion in less than a lifetime

by Bruce Camber

Would you like to become one of the new billionaires? What is your new insight? Do you have deep thoughts and a special love for those ideas? With that, can you create something most everybody wants or needs? Of course, that will require a little bit of genius

We all have a sliver of genius just like these relatively new billionaires:

1. Energy? See what Bob Simpson and Steve Palko have done (right column).
2. Food? Study Anne Beiler; she started as a cook (right column).
3. A home? Meet Frank Jao and Ebby Halliday (right column).
4. How about love?  Meet Neil Clark Warren; he understands.
5. How about transportation?  Travel with Andy Murstein.
6. How about golf?  Ping the Solheim family and learn.

No matter what you do, be like these people; they work every day to make this world a better place. They are energized and driven by their ideas.

Would you like to see a multi-billion-dollar idea, quite a simple concept, but a difficult billion-dollar idea to implement? It is actually quite a ludicrous-but-wonderful idea! (Read about Natural Bridges). Here is another based on the GPS. Just think of all the businesses that have exploded as a result of this basic technology.

If you want to come up with your own unique ideas, just ask yourself the question, "What do I profoundly enjoy and love to do?" Come up with a list. Now look at each entry and ask, "What doesn't work as well as it could? How could it work even better?"

Sounds too simple, doesn't it? Well, try it. Start a list of everything that you really enjoy doing. Before you walk out the door this morning, you could easily have listed 10 things. By the end of the day, you should have a strong list. 

If you don't,  don't worry. Just work on this little project for a few more days. Once you have a list of ten things, rank order them, your favorite first. 

Now, look at #1 and try to answer the question, "How could I make this even better?" Think about it. Sleep on it. You'll begin thinking of many ways to improve on it.

That is an idea for a business. What are you going to do with it? Test it out on a close friend. If they share your enthusiasm, check it out with others.

If you really love the idea and others do, too, you just may be onto something. Now, you can be totally grateful for the internet. Check it out. If it is a unique idea, you will be well-served to find people in your community  who invest in early stage ideas. You can find these types of folks in investor clubs in virtually every city and town and neighborhood. Begin thinking about aggregating a group of trusted advisers around you. But remember, nobody loves your idea more than you do.

Out on the world's "family tree" there are many billion-dollar ideas within easy reach – low-hanging fruit – yet, nobody seems to want to go for it!  I guess most people do not see the opportunity or they're afraid to take it on when they do see it.

This section of the web site will evolve with such ideas.

First, we all need a more integrated view of this universe and the meaning and value of life.

Use Wednesdays for "Working Works." Get your initial idea for a business over the hump. Demand of yourself, "Go further.  Go out on a limb! Risk a little!" Initially, some ideas appear ridiculous. Ask others! They just might say, "Why didn't I think of that?"

Your best ideas will come from deep within your thinking about those things that are real concerns and thoughts that you have had over time. Your best ideas are the stubborn ones about which you have been thinking for years.

I have had a few of those over the years.  Although some are a little more of a stretch than others, eventually many of them will be indexed, referenced, and discussed here. 

The first rather crazy idea discussed here is to build an uninterrupted walking path from the Atlantic to the Pacific.  Click here to read the rest of that story...

Here, Hattie has developed an idea that she had back in 1990; she has written a book about it, and now she is starting a new business that might just become a global movement...

There are many ideas waiting for you to take the leadership role.