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Transactions: What causes people to trust a salesperson?

There are six key questions:

  1. What is "integrity selling"?

  2. What do we want from a salesperson?

  3. What is needs-focused selling versus product-focused selling?

  4. What is "successful selling"?  Is it in the close or in the agreement?

  5. Why do people fail to sell?

  6. This page:  What does it mean that people need to like you, trust you, and understand you?  What causes people to trust a salesperson?

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Transcript:   An exchange between Hattie Bryant & Ron Willingham

HATTIE: The man who taught me how to sell is Ron Willingham. I'll never forget what he said, `Hattie, if someone buys from you, it's because they like you, believe you, trust you and understand you.'

Ron Willingham (the founder of Integrity Training Systems, the author of The Ten Laws of Wealth & Abundance, and the founder of LifeScript Learning) is here to talk about those words.

Ron, what causes people to trust a salesperson?

RON WILLINGHAM: You know, it's interesting to think about what causes people to trust other people, especially salespeople.


I think typically in the past because of different cliches and stereotypes that we've seen, the Willy Lomans, the Herb Tarlicks, the tin men and the used-car types, I think it's been inbred in us not to trust salespeople, that salespeople are there trying to make a sale, they're trying to score, they're trying to get us to do something for their benefit and not necessarily for our benefit.

I think times are changing, I know they're changing, and so salespeople are having to change in order to compete, in order to survive.

I think that we know when someone is just trying to get us to do something for their benefit. And I think we know that when people genuinely care about us, about our needs, about our goals that we want reached, that when they genuinely care about these, that we know that. We sense that, and then time goes on to prove that. I think in salespeople that I trust people who give me the honest facts.

I trust people who, when understanding my needs, say, `You know, I understand your needs, and I don't think that my product will fill those needs.' Wow, do I ever trust them.

And that's what we tell businesses today, is to go in and understand people's needs and when you understand them, if you can fill those needs with integrity, you have an obligation to tell them. If you can't, you have an obligation to tell them. And that builds trust.

What causes people to trust other people?

I think that we have an innate ability to sense the sincerity in other people. I think deep within us we know when people are genuine, when they're being honest with us.