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Last Update: Thursday September 23, 2021

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The Real Revolution within our times...


AROUND THE WORLD:  As if with a vengeance, the best among our thinkers continue popping up with ideas that become  a new business that virtually jumps from $0-to-$billion overnight!  

In this episode of the show we meet people who give us clues as to what it means to be living at the speed of light. This is the real revolution. And it is all still   picking up momentum.  This is the front edge of a business revolution that will give us explosive growth companies that will actually out perform Microsoft, Yahoo, Ebay,  Amazon and yes, even Google.

Some of the best, the most-creative among us, will more-fully integrate some aspect of the greatest corporate convergence in history --  Broadcasting - Information - Communications - Education - Publishing - Systems. The result will be "the next big thing." The audacious, out-of-the-box thinkers, will lead us. Because of our new efficiencies and abilities to pick up and turn around quickly, essentially "small business" can have, and will have, the biggest impact on the unfolding of the future.

This convergence redefines everything.

Here technology creates a true paradigm shift; it truly moves us to a life at the speed of light.  Today, after having gone around the world to find people who are leading the way, out on the edge, we attempt to answer the question, "Where did we come from and where are we going?"  Our conclusions, like everyone who tries to see the future, are formative.  But we know this, we are all becoming increasingly all-present and all-knowing. 

We are no longer old Sir Issac Newton progenies, but increasingly Einstein  prodigies. We are beginning to see ourselves, our world and the universe in very new ways.

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We are no longer constrained by space and time.  Literally you can be working in every time zone and in every country of the world without ever leaving home.  

Technology is even transforming the way we think.  We have become an e-culture.

It is the real business revolution.   There are several parts of it: knowledge management, disintermediation, intellectual property rights,  security,   information services  and more.

Business is fundamentally about  creating something of value.

If this were the focus of all businesses,  it would change everything.


Start a Business
Homepage. They were chemistry wizards in high school together, then college, and now business. Yet, their kind of chemistry transformed their industry, transformed a neighborhood, their city, and the hearts of everyone they touched. Learn from Arnold Joseff and George Hill, true alchemists of our time.
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Grow a Business
Homepage: Meet the Navarro family. They came from Cuba with nothing. They started a pharmacy and it slowly grew. Today this family business runs a chain of the most productive discount pharmacies in the USA:
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» Enroll the kids in the school of hard knocks
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Buy a Business
Homepage: Meet Howard Kent of Newark, New Jersey. He bought Ironbound Supplies over time from his father-in-law. When he tried but failed to broaden his scope, he focused on closely-related businesses.
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» Teach employees everything
» Stick to your knitting
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Sell a Business
Homepage: Meet Ahmad Chebbani of Persia (Iran) and now Portland, Oregon. He founded Ziba Design and is revolutionizing the world. He sells his business to his team through an employee stock ownership program.
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Key Question: What is your exit strategy?

Learn eight possible ways to leave your lover!

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