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"You may live in the ghetto, but you're not ghetto material."

There is greatness within us all.

Dallas: This is the story of Albert Black, his family and and his company, On Target Supplies & Logistics.  It is also a story about miracles. Here people are transformed; they learn about financial statements, become economically independent of debt, start serious savings, capture the power of principal-and-interest, and discover their deep-seated talents and gifts.  
That's enough, but there's more.
You'll hear some of the most innovative human resource strategies from one of the most articulate people we know. And, you won't believe his results! This hard-nosed, well-grounded visionary lives, breathes, and acts on his two most basic faith statements, then asks for 100% and gives 125%. 
Great business owners understand that people can't be shoved into cubicles and forgotten. People's lives can't be cut into work and personal with the owner ignoring the personal part. Get to know this true leader who sees his role, not as a CEO but as a coach, mentor, teacher, guide, and even a parent (that they never had) to his people.

Albert worked a second job for ten years before he was able to go full-time with his office supply business. On weekends he went to school to get an MBA. Within ten years he had over forty employees and major companies as clients. Within twenty years, he had over 100 employees and is a major supplier and a corporate leader in the Dallas-Fort Worth community.

Albert is constantly retooling his business; the focus is on being a logistics company. Through continuous improvement their just-in-time deliveries to specific supply rooms within large corporations minimize inventories.
His wife, Gwyneith, is his partner in all he does and she deserves special recognition for all her day-to-day contributions and patient support of this well-grounded visionary.
Albert is a servant to his church and faith, his family, his employees, his community and his country. 

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People often ask, "How were all these people selected for an episode of the show?"

For every episode of the show, within any one of the 210 Nielsen Designated Market Areas,  at least 100 business owners are recommended by Chambers and other business advocates.  Everybody votes and one name consistently  comes to the top, and an episode is done. Nobody can pay or has ever paid to be on this show. More...

None of us are ghetto material.  All of us should be a president someday.
You will set the tone, charter a course, share a vision, imbibe an ethos...

Most of us grew up with very little.  The world was quite poor not too long ago.  Today, that is changing quickly.  We all can and should aspire to be a president.  Read and listen to the story of  Albert Black (right column).  His mother said, " are not ghetto material."  She was right.

The President/CEO truly does reflect the character of the business. That person should always be the top sales person, the one who sells concepts and future developments. Presidents should invoke confidence and trust that tomorrow will come and it will be better than today.

Are you ready for such leadership? Learn about it here.  Prove yourself in business,  then raise up and lead people, perhaps your state and your nation. You can do it.  More about leadership...

This global business revolution has just begun:


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Homepage. They were chemistry wizards in high school together, then college, and now business.  Yet, their kind of chemistry transformed their industry, transformed a neighborhood, their city, and the hearts of everyone they touch.  Learn from Arnold Joseff and George Hill, true alchemists of our time.    
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Grow a Business
Homepage: Meet Darlene Jeter of Boston.  Her business, Jet-a-way recycles more debris from  construction sites than any firm in New England.  Color this business green in every way!
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Homepage: Meet the Souto brothers from Cuba and now Miami. They turned a little family business, Rowland Coffee Roasters, into a global enterprise.
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Sell a Business
Homepage: Meet the Ahmad Chebbani of Persia (Iran) and now Portland, Oregon. He founded Ziba Design and is revolutionizing the world.  He sells his business to his team through an employee stock ownership program.
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