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Last Update: Sunday July 25, 2021

We know when we are ripping off somebody. We really do.

There is a pandemic of stealing off the web.


The team of lawyers at Mitchell, Silberberg and Knupp in Los Angeles, led by Mark Litvak (above) and George Borkowski, brought down Grokster through  litigation that went to the Supreme Court.  They also put Napster in the corner.

Silicon Valley, Los Angeles and Seattle: The simple commandment, "Thou shalt not steal," just four words, is ingrained in our conscience. Now we struggle to understand why we act so differently when it comes to Intellectual Properties (IP). Estimated annual losses globally is in the hundreds of billions of dollars.  Economies grow when money is transacted for something of value. Theft kills economies and IP theft is a real pandemic.

Lying, cheating and stealing has been going on forever. But now, the other IP (Internet Protocol) has made it so easy to steal, our children and all sorts of decent-loving-gentle people think nothing about "borrowing, using, enjoying" and otherwise ripping off somebody else's creative work.

While we were sleeping, the Pied Pipers of Piracy enlisted an entire college generation to begin nabbing other people's property "intellectual property" without regard for the consequences. Their recruitment was viral. Not only did their business model encourage young fans and average folks to rip off artists because it was quick, easy, free and anonymous, these otherwise decent people had begun acting and thinking like common thieves.

In this episode of the show we visit with the lawyers who argued down Grokster in the U.S. Supreme Court. We visit with a small business owner who is being ripped off, a composer who is figuring it out, and technologists who are waging the war to protect our intellectual assets.

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The statisticians know that Internet theft amounts to hundreds of billions of dollars per year.  It has become a virtual pandemic of lying, cheating and stealing. This ubiquitous and amorphous ring, if left uncontrolled, could bring down cultures.

When money is circulated for products and services, an economy emerges. New ideas, improvements, and inventions emerge.  Our unique genius is awakened. Theft stifles it all. And, theft from the web is a virulent virus.

We all need to know and teach the very soul of business, democracy, and capitalism. Several other episodes of the show touch on other facets of this problem. Here are three suggestions and there are others even further below:
1. Watch this episode  about protecting your priceless data.
2. We all need to understand the power within knowledge management tools.
3. The unfolding e-culture iis a result of the convergence six major industries.

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Start a Business

Why did the USA explode as a world economy?  What is the heart of capitalism?  ...of democracy?  ...of freedom?  Business to thrive requires the first  principles of democratic capitalism. Michael Novak is a world-class scholar and helps explain these basic business principles.

Key Question: How do I start a business?"


Grow a Business

Leadership?  Where is it?  Who has it? 
First, we need to cultivate our own leadership abilities to grow our businesses.  We need to know what empowers real leadership.  Keith Grint is a world-class scholar and helps us in this discussion.

Key Question: What is a path for growth?


Buy a Business
E-culture is opening a new level of transparency.
As the web evolves, it creates a deeper transparency, a four-dimensional mirror that nobody will be able to avoid.  Learn about the power of this emerging e-culture.

Key Question: How do I buy a business?


Sell a Business
You must sell your ideas right from the beginning.  That is your intellectual capital.  Protect it, but sell it, in the markets.  Nobody loves your ideas as much as you do.  Study more about ideation and how ideas become inventions, then businesses to be sold.

Key Question: Who is the best buyer?

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