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Last Update: Saturday September 25, 2021

The President reflects the character of a business... and of a nation.

Malcolm Baldrige Award Winners... TWICE!


Dallas, Texas: Dale Crownover took Texas Nameplate from being just another print shop to become the first small business to be awarded the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. You will find their nameplates are on virtually everything. They print those specialized labels that out last the item to which it is attached. And because of quality controls, this group is the international supplier to the world's largest companies.

When he went to Washington to receive the Baldrige, the other two winners, Boeing and Solar Turbines, and all DC bureaucrats listened in awe; this man talked about the essence of quality, family and this nation's charter to achieve and to always do better.

We can all learn from Dale and his people. Yet, they did not stop working at it and six years later, they received the award again!
You will quickly see that this is an extraordinary work force. When we first taped this episode of the show, nobody including Dale had a college degree and some employees had just received their high school diploma. Notwithstanding, here you learn how they make world-class products and reap plenty of profits.

Oh yes, today, Dale and others have earned a college degree.  


Inventions stir economies

Presidents set the tone, charter a course, share a vision, imbibe an ethos...

The President/CEO truly does reflect the character of the business. Here you'll necessarily find the top sales person. Here's the person who sells concepts and future developments. Presidents must invoke confidence and trust that tomorrow will come and it will be better than today.

Are you ready for such leadership? Prove yourself in business and then raise up and lead the nation, your state, even your neighborhood. You can do it. More...

Global business? Of course. Our world is so small, why not?


Start a Business
Homepage. Do you really want to start a business?  Business is not for wimps. The crazy, unethical, dishonest and downright mean-spirited people will steal and corrupt. And, then there is Mother Nature. You have to protect yourself from both. The sweet, the naive, the trusting, and the unsuspecting become victims....
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» Prepare for the Worst. Run Worst-case Scenarios
» Embrace the Connected World
» Stand on All Four Legs
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Key Question: How do I start a business?


Grow a Business
Homepage: Yes, that is the Space Shuttle docking at the International Space Station. This is not the domain of big business alone. It does involve government and big business contracting. Do you have what it takes?
» Build beyond yourself
» Win a Small Business Innovation Research Award
» Consider government work
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Key Question: What is a path for growth?


Buy a Business
Homepage: Meet the Souto brothers from Cuba and now Miami. They turned a little family business, Rowland Coffee Roasters, into a global enterprise.
» Acquire your competition!
» Dream impossible dreams
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Key Question: Can my business be my legacy?


Sell a Business
Homepage: Sometimes it is just best to sell out and start again. Margaret Quenemoen started Jagged Edge Mountain Gear. She quickly recruited her twin sister, Paula. To get operating capital she sold to private equity investors and eventually got squeezed.
» Go green with caution.
» Clear your name first
» Put your plans in writing
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Learn eight possible ways to exit your business!

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