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Last Update: Saturday September 25, 2021

Today, we are all producers.

Table of Contents

Change the Way We All See Business

  1.   An Overview
  2.   National media's negative portrayal of business
  3.   Lift up more positive role models
        Reward the good;  ignore the bad.
  4.   Drive up  local ratings

Change the Way We Work Together

  5.   Lead the 24x7 convergence 
  6.   Collaborate after every broadcast
  7.   Ask the hard questions and get real answers
.   Index all the good businesses
        Let no business fail for lack of help

Change Ourselves:  Everybody is a Producer.

  9.    Provide even more value for members
         Get involved with your PEG and PBS stations

10.   Help create sustainable businesses
11.   Authenticity and transparency
.   New models, new businesses

Key References:

An Open Letter
Homepage for this presentation


Introducing our PEG Stations

Public - Education - Government

Many of the PEG stations are being run by the city or regional Economic Development Commission. Some are run by the local university or junior college.  Most are within the local cable station and are consider "public access stations."

Yet, all of these stations want to tell the stories of their local businesses who do best practices. There are about 1400+ PEG stations and many have asked to air SmallBusinessSchool.

Some stations are being given rights to do so when episodes have run their three-year cycle on PBS-member stations.

Also, after checking with some of the PBS-affiliates and confirming that they do not have room in their schedule for the show, we have authorized the PEG station to commence airings.

Many want to produce new episodes within their market space and could readily produce three or four episodes per year. Although these may not be as highly-produced episodes as those found on the PBS-member stations, each episode will promote interest in the PBS-member station's broadcasts and could well become the first audition for that small business.

Provide more value for members; get involved with your PEG / PBS stations.

Background:  SmallBusinessSchool has often asked, "What business model would render the dollars so each station or the best independent producers in the area could go out and do an episode about one of those whom we didn't select?"  Typically, there is a list of 100-to-300 businesses and surely every one of them could be an episode or part of an episode.

1.  Local Productions.

There are 52 weeks in the year and if 13 of those weeks are local episodes of the show, those 13 would look like local superstars within a national line-up... "Wow, we sure do have a lot of businesses on this show!"

If one out of four episodes is local, it will drive viewership; it will engage all the local small business advocates; it will give the local station something very edgy to do. They will be documenting some of the most creative people in their community and in the country.

2.  Each local station can be transformed.

Most PBS stations are in financial trouble.

In 2006 SmallBusinessSchool began revamping its web site to provide a depth of support and services for local stations that is unprecedented within public television.

$400M for the stations...  If the local station is actively involved in documenting the insights and dreams of their very finest small business owners, and if each station were to help small business owners create video content (for web sites and more), that public television station will find its Producers' Clubs with hundreds of new members.

We see a day when public television has two major thrusts, the children's programming and then community development programming. And, the largest slice about local development will always be those people who best demonstrate democratic capitalism at work and that is small business.

    More about democratic capitalism...

3.  The nature of television can be transformed.

Historically television has been the goal in itself. Most people watch television passively. A small but growing number of people are watching television with Internet access within the same box and are actively multiplexing. Few shows have activities alongside their broadcasts. Fewer have activities for viewers after a show concludes.

In the future, both will become the standard, not the exception. Watching television will not be the goal unto itself, it will be the scheduling event through which diverse populations of people gather to interact during and after the episode airs on television, whether it comes via broadcast, satellite, cable, or Internet.

No television production has effectively captured its market by offering such services. SmallBusinessSchool is in a unique position to do so because by the time a show is aired the basic support documents have been prepared -- the homepage, an executive summary, transcript, case study guide, and streaming video by segments.

4.  We are all becoming producers. 

Everybody's going to become a producer! We will all have some degree of mastery of Broadcasting, Information, Communications, Education, Publishing, Systems.  As an acronym, let be know as the new BICEPS.  Six talents all rolled up in one ... we will all have become producers!

Every business owner, from the smallest to the largest, will become an expert in these five industries – each defines a facet of who we are, what our business does, and the anticipated future between them. We will all be developing our b-i-c-e-p-s. It'll take focus yet it'll get easier each day because all five will increasingly use the very same infrastructure backbone, the internet.

5.  Comments & Questions

You are invited to ask questions and receive direct answers.  Your feedback is very important. 

Over the years, the feedback of our viewers has been most encouraging.