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Last Update: Friday February 26, 2021

Family business is a well-worn path to economic independence.

Build On Your Education & Family Wisdom


Meet Jose Navarro.  Here is a classic family business, three generations of compassionate people who are involved at every level of the operations. They left Cuba with nothing when Castro took over and today their pharmacies are the most productive in the USA.

Q: What kind of business should I start?

A: Start a business in an area that you have experience in, knowledge of or contacts that will help smooth the way to success. Jose was smart to start a pharmacy since he had learned so much working in his father's pharmacy back in Cuba. Jose trained as a pharmacist then opened for business with deep knowledge of retail and customer service.

Q: What does the phrase "success breeds success" mean to you?

A: People who accomplish one goal are likely to accomplish the next goal they set. Achievement fosters an inner knowing. Also, success builds confidence and this quality is absolutely essential for a small business owner. If you don't have confidence that your idea will succeed, you will not attract employees or customers.

You need a strong ego, not a big ego. Sometimes confidence appears as arrogance to others. Gerhard Von der Rhur, founder of CritiCare, told us that a small business owner needs a strong ego, not a big ego. He said that a person with a big ego is arrogant and doesn't see the value of others, whereas a person with a strong ego has deep belief that he can accomplish the task at hand.

A strong ego is attractive to others while a big ego is off-putting.

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All the big questions of life are addressed within a family business:

Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going?
What is the meaning and value of my life?

Every family should consider starting running, and growing a business of their dreams. It is such a well-worn path to economic independence, it should be a cornerstone of our history lessons. Once a family is free of debt, the most important questions of life can be addressed more deeply.

Meet five families. All have "sold" their business to the next generation. The intangible values (assets) are passed on and a first principle of business and of life itself, continuity, is created. Continuity begets a deeper order. It enfolds relations within special symmetries. It provides a working platform for daily dynamics that create more value, even moments of harmony. More...

Let's help each other on this path to economic independence with integrity.


Homepage. Meet the Garcia-Lancarte family. Hope built on her father's work. Her son built on her's and his grandpa's. And now, Hope's grandchildren are picking up the reigns. There are ten Key Ideas from this episode:
» Become an icon
» Be the person your children want to work for
» Make work your recreation

Key Question: How do I start a business?"

Shiv Krishnan

Meet Shiv Krishnan from India and now in Virginia. He started his business from his spare bedroom and today he has over 500 employees. He says:
» Be willing to start small
» Find and depend on mentors
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Key Questions: How do I start a business? 
                            What is a path for growth?


Homepage. Meet the Calise family of Providence, Rhode Island. The third-generation rescued the family business, and the fourth generation is running it today. There are ten Key Ideas within this episode:
» Buy the family business to right a wrong More...
» Buy your competition
» Prepare for the worst

Key Question: Can my business be my legacy?


Some businesses should be sold; some businesses really should become part of a public trust. We believe Small Business School is such a business. We all should be working with each other to lift up the best within our culture. That business vision is larger than any family:
» May the history become the future
» Every country, every state, every 4M people
» Teach Ownership

Key Question: Who is the best buyer?

Most businesses start as family businesses...

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