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Go Inside Their Metaphors To See The Real Realities

Build On A Three-Legged Stool

Washington, DC:   What are the essential foundations of life, liberty, freedom, and human rights?   The USA as a working experiment is a good model to study.  Here we can study the earliest documents and concepts and see how these also became the foundations for American capitalism.  Within this structure, we can see how just about any family can get on a path to economic independence.

Meet Michael Novak, a man whose life study is of the foundations of government systems that work. And here he discovered small business has the heart and spirit that sustains and nurtures democratic capitalism.   Michael Novak strikes deep into the heart of public debate about what works and what doesn't work within economic systems, and he says that small business owners are demonstrators. They're on the front lines, risking and fighting the good fight every day. Small business owners take lofty principles and reduce them to nitty-gritty practice.

As a people, the debate about capitalism should no longer be the domain of economists. We all need to grapple with the first principles of ethics, economics, and government. Virtually overnight globalization is a reality and belief systems are butting against one another, often shredding civility and undermining any inherent ethics and morality.

Each of us needs to engage in the historic debate about economic models. What works? What is good for people? Is this singular focus on "Return to Shareholders" a truncation of capitalism? Do we need to be looking at a more balanced model that includes more than the growth of the bottom line?

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Today's Torries Are The Democrat Party. They Want A King.
Obama Also Wants To Be Santa Claus - Toys For Salvation
Cloward-Piven Doesn't Go Far Enough!
  Today's Revolution:
Small Business - You Can Have Staying Power - Truly

Keep On Keeping On

1:26 | Play Now | When Eddie died, Darlene was ready, willing and able to lead the company. Their son, Jesse (pictured) runs the recycling division.

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A substantial part of Black America is not about patronizing entitlements.

Understand Your Numbers

2:16 | Play Now | Bob Orenstein, then Meeko Mullin (pictured), and Janet & David Milley all discuss key business ratios.

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Understand the foundations of democracy and capitalism

And then, teach the essentials of democracy and capitalism.  An episode with Michael Novak can help.  Watch each key idea by key idea, right here.  Then to watch the episode end-to-end, send us a note.

What would move you to do the extraordinary?   

Remember a time in your life when you worked incredibly hard just because you set a goal and you were going for it!?!   Everybody wondered. It was your drive and energy.   You were even surprised!  That's the energy we need to face today's challenges.

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