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Date:   Monday, January 18, 2010   (first draft: Sunday, October 11, 2008)

TO:   All our viewers who ask, "Who are you?" and
         all the independent producers who ask, "What can we do?"
FM:   Bruce Camber, Executive Producer, Small Business School

Subject:   We are all producers!

Let's start a movement.   Let us all become the antithesis of the general media's search for the darkest underbelly of business.  Let's all be looking for the saints, those business people with big hearts and big visions, whose integrity is beyond question, and who have a genuine desire to make this world a better place... a Pollyanna to fault!

Be part of the selection process.  The goal:  a list of 200 in every local market
.  Nobody has ever paid to be on this show. Within a broadcast area (also known as a Designated Market Area or DMA), we  talk with all the Chambers of Commerce (usually 20 to 30 and often as many as 70) and we get four-to-five recommendations from each.  Within each DMA, there are usually about 50-70 business advocates from the governor, mayors to economic development folks to the local SBA-SBDC-SCORE, business editors and professors, CPAs, and more.  All these people will vote to vet a list of people who might represent their area on national and global television.  These folks will also nominate additional business owners that they most respect. That vote sorts the list and the one with the highest rating is the first to have an episode done about them.  There are 210 DMAs in the USA and approximately 5000 DMAs throughout the world.  

Old model. New Model.  One production company, working really hard, can produce 26 half-hour episodes per year.  If there are as many as 200 business owners on that list, they have work for the better part of ten years and that is just one DMA!

Ultimately, every one on that list should become an executive producer to begin crafting the story about themselves .  Eventually, every one of them will need some help from a professional producer.

Throughout our years, we generally have done episodes by negotiating a day rate for shooters-sound-lights, and an episode rate for the post production. Over the years we used one post house primarily and two other houses as backup.

That model is over.

Today, we need to be looking for people who can do the whole thing and take competitive pride in the work produced.  The cost per episode -- from shooting to editing to finished product -- will be a paltry $8K to as much as $16K.  Most episodes will only air locally; the best will air nationally and then globally.  For those whose product goes up on the national feed, there could be a $5K to $10K "bonus."  (More about the new model)

One won't get rich on this model, but it is good work.

Thousands of productions.  At any one time, literally over 1000 productions could be in process.  When the local production dollars become available through local sponsorships and local memberships, a local producer can be engaged and another episode moved from rough-cut to a broadcast-ready piece.  Part of the dream is to engage some of the best producers in the country and to introduce them to superb business people in their neighborhood, with the charge, "Make them look better than a rock star.  They are. These are the ones who create jobs and wealth on Main Street.  These are the quiet heroes of your community."  

Some producers will want to take on the billable work with many of "the 200" who are low on the sorting/vote list. If they upload a segment that they've produced and it is excellent, I am confident that they will rise more quickly on that list than others. Many will do several segments.  They will have answered questions interactively online, created a transcript and case study guide, and they’ll stream those segments on our site, their site, YouTube and everywhere else they can.  

Back in 1996, I said, "We are all producers."  There are the good and there are the great.  The challenge is to find the best who can help non-actors craft their story and tell it so their creativity, integrity,  hope and love becomes inspiration, insight and "must-watch TV."

It has never been done on the scale that I see it, but why not?

Lift up the best, help the rest, turn our backs to the bad
.  Most everybody with whom I speak has a deep disdain for the violence and cheapness we see on television.  It appeals to the lowest common denominator.  Let's all look at the depths of interiority and dramatically convey thoughtful people doing the most basic thing that defines life... creating something of value.   

If you have stayed with me thus far, thank you.  Your comments and feedback will be helpful.