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Last Update: Tuesday June 15, 2021

Renegade Animation - Beating the Big Boys

Small Business Owners Are Renegades

Burbank, California: They were renegades!  So, back in 1992 Ashley Quinn Postlewaite and Darrell Van Citters left  Warner's studios to start their own business, Renegade Animation. Their first challenge was to produce a 90-second spot called Aerospace Jordan for Nike. They did, and it aired on the Super Bowl.

That's real talent.  And, that is just one incredible start!

Since then, the two have distinguished themselves by delivering creative results on time and within budget. Their "pay attention to the business" attitude paired with Darrell's sought-after talent keeps winning customers.

We all have flights of our imagination where the real and surreal blend. A most accepted expression of those strange flights is the cartoon. As children, we grow up on a diet of cartoons, and then we "grow up" and put it all aside. But should we?

This episode of the show takes us inside flights of the imagination, fantasy, and stretched metaphors. Ever wonder how a cartoon is made? ...just fancy computers cranking it all out? Not sure? Let us take you behind the scenes  where fantasy becomes reality and where images go from the mind to the hand, to paper and into a computer, and then get extended in a flow to make a cartoon.

This is the process of taking an idea from mind to market.

Build On Your Experience

3:58 | Play Now Co-founder Ashley Postlewaite says that you should pick your partner like you would pick a spouse. With the divorce rate being what it is, Ashley's advice may need some explaining.

Sell Your Unique Talent

2:47 | Play Now | Renegade Animation's competitive edge is Darrell Van Citters' talent.  Darrell and his partner, Ashley Postlewaite, honed their skills at Warner Brothers.

Keep Making Things By Hand

3:24 | Play Now | Owner Darrell Van Citters is an artist and the look he is able to achieve only comes from hand drawings. Just like any artist or performer, he keeps making things by hand because it is his unique selling proposition.

Say No To Some Opportunities

3:43 | Play Now | You may be tempted to take work just for the money.  Owner Ashley Postlewaite and her partner Darrell Van Citters would advise against that practice. They've built a solid business by saying no to projects that don't fit their mission. 

Keep Work In Its Place

1:36 | Play Now | Ken MacDonald likes working with Ashley and Darrell because they started a business so that they could control the type of work they do and the work culture.

Do Job Loss Autopsies

2:48 | Play Now | When Renegade goes after a piece of work and doesn't get it, the sales person interviews the prospect who told him no.

Work For More Than Money

1:57 | Play Now | Host Hattie Bryant says that the founders of this company are happy to make money but it is the stuff of their work that gets them out of bed in the morning.

Let Go Of The Checkbook

1:51 | Play Now | Owner Ashley Postlewaite says as a leader you have to let go of some things as the business grows.

Join A Peer Group

2:21 | Play Now | Owner Ashley Postlewaite is a member of Young entrepreneurs Organization.  Milledge Hart talks about the benefits of membership.