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Last Update: Thursday July 29, 2021

Revolutions beget revolutions. The big ones are fermenting.

 A construction revolution is  underway.

Eric Rose, founder, E.M. Rose Builders, Branford, Connecticut

Branford, Connecticut:  Meet a man at the top of his game; he is one of the finest builders of custom homes in the USA.

But, it was not always this way. He had to hit the wall, have his comeuppance, and then put in time under the umbrella of a very big business before he was ready to try again.

There are ten key ideas within the case study guide for this episode of the show. Spend some time with Eric and with the key ideas of others who initially failed to actualize their dream, but then they came back and rose to the very top of their industry!

Becoming a world-class builder does not happen overnight. And as one does become the best in their industry, often there is an arrogance or aloofness that comes with it.  Not here and not in this episode of the show with Eric Rose. His first failure and his work within big business taught him very valuable lessons.

Today, he continues to learn how to balance his understanding of his gifts and talents with an openness to learn even more. Truly successful business people turn people power in positive actions to over achieve and to do more than is required.

The formula for business and personal success (also a formula of life) reflects an ever deeper sense of right and wrong. We are all inherently challenged to live each moment in a way that effectively increases continuity, increases symmetry, and creates special moments of harmony. We create order; we build relations; and we make the space around us ever so much more dynamic.

And in this episode, Eric's work and that of his many teams demonstrate that they are in touch with these essentials of life.

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Chemistry is undergoing a revolution.  Materials science is undergoing a revolution.  And, as a result, construction is being revolutionized as well.

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Twelve key ideas that could spark a revolution...

Start a Business
1. ...Become a local icon
2. ...Find a deep spiritual connection to work
3. ...Make marketing personal (All the videos)

For more, go to the homepage of this episode and meet Marc Katz of Katz's Deli, Austin, Texas.

Key Question: How do I start a business?"


Grow a Business
4. ...Be mission-driven! Have a cause for good.
5. ...Communicate more with customers
6. ...Create Work that Isn't Work (All the videos)

For more, go to the homepage of this episode and meet Donna Baase of Cowgirl Enterprises, Boulder, Colorado.

Key Question: What is a path for growth?


Buy a Business
7. ...Acquire your competition!
8. ...Dream impossible dreams
9. ...Customize for Key Customers (All the videos)

For more, go to the homepage of this episode and meet the Souto brothers of Rowland Coffee Roasters, Miami

Key Question: Can my business be my legacy?


Sell a Business
10. ...Sell part of your business to employees.
11. ...Do a Business Valuation
12. ...Teach Ownership (all videos)

For more, go to the homepage of this episode; meet Ray Smilor and four business owners who use the ESOP effectively.

Key Question: Who is the best buyer?

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